Friday, May 25, 2012

Scottie Bag holder

Do you get a zillon of plastic bags when go to the store? Seems like I come home with so many  cuz they put like 2 items in a bag!! LOL Then pretty soon the bag pile is heaping over in the pantry.I wanted to make a something to put bags in that would go in my kitchen. Now my kitchen is done in all Scotties and so what better way than to have a Scottie bag holder, makes perfect sense to me.  I was in Wal-mart and came across a black bath hand towel!! Perfect!! It was just the right size to get a front and back and for $2.00 the right price too. I cut out the pattern, sewed it together except I left an opening in the top. I did stuff his feet and head with stuffing and this Scottie holds about 6-7 bags. I use those for the week until the next grocery day. All the others, I recycle. I think he turned out pretty good and it looks good hanging up. No one can even tell that it s my bag holder and that's the best part!!

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