Monday, September 17, 2012

The finished basement

After Tom left for Texas, I wanted to clean out and redo the basement. It was becoming a catch all so I had to get it done. The whole project took awhile to finish. I added shelves to the corner closet thing. I painted that gold wall a gray color and left the other walls the soft white that they were already and I made new curtains for the windows.

The couch is navy blue, so I went with the blue fabric and contrasting prints.
I re-purposed the side rail of out old baby crib, painted it navy blue and attached pillows for a backboard for the bed, along with a plush navy bedspread. I painted some frames Navy blue and added fabric that is in the curtains where the picture would go.

 I saw this idea on Pinterest so I made my own wood arrangement and just covered the wood with fabric for a cute wood collage.

On this wall, I wanted something whimsical and different. I saw a picture of a white tree painted on it, so I painted the wall the same gray as the other wall and painted the tree on and the leaves are pieces of the fabrics from the collage, curtains etc. It was so much fun to paint and arrange.
It took awhile but I like the way it turned out. It looks good with the blue's.

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