Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My First Applique project.

A couple days ago I took an Applique class at the shop where I bought my sewing machine at. I have always admired seeing things appliqued. She taught us and it was so easy. It will go pretty quick once I get the hang of it. We didnt get it all done in class but I did finish at home. This is what I made. I really enjoyed  the class and the ladies were very nice too. I have a zillion ideas now for more applique. Now, I just need the time LOL


  1. I have never machine appliqued - only done handstitch applique. I would think doing it on your machine would go easier!!

    Looks great!!


  2. Time is always the problem, but do I L O V E that!!!!!!! You want my address to send it to me? Great job! sandie