Our Grand dogs

This is Ivy, she a Westie and she is the Queen around her house. Ivy always remembers us when we come to visit an she is a little sweetie. This is Wrigley, he is a Springer Field spaniel. Wrigley loves ice cubes and I feed them to him. He is so soft and like a big fuzzy bear. They both like it when we come to visit.
Jake is a yellow Lab and he is the boss around his house. He loves for me to rub his head and neck. He is a cool dude with that smirk. Jake and Jazzi have fun chasing each other in the yard.
Addi is an American Bulldog and she used to live with us until her and Tom bought his house. She has a really cute face and is a pretty good 90% barkless dog. Jazzi and Addi get along very well.

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