Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kyla's new room

Kyla got moved to another room, so we had to do a room make-over for her. After room looking, she found one that she really liked and wanted That one:
So Kim and I had a painting day and Kyla was excited to be able to help paint and she did a pretty good job. She splatter painted her curtains with black paint and helped paint the walls Pink, her favorite color!!! While there are still bits to finish up, these 2 walls are ready to show:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kaleb's newest 3 word sentence

Monday, Kaleb learned to say a new 3 word sentence. He said them first to Kim but has been saying them to us. He is so cute when he says them and we just smile and say the same words back to him. Can you guess what 3 words he has learned?????
They are :I Love you!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby News

Valerie was over this weekend and this is her last pregnancy picture:
Hey! if it rains, Kaleb doesn't need an umbrella, he just sits underneath Valerie's stomach.
Valerie went to the hospital to be induced Tuesday morning. She had to be there at 6 am. She was able to get her drugs, so the labor went really good and pretty painless. It took a couple hours of pushing, which made for a long day (guess it was quite comfy in there and wasnt sure if it should come out or not) but at about 8:00 pm, the baby made it's arrival And..............It is a BOY!!!!! Zachary Thomas Lightheart.
9 lb, 4 oz and 20 in. long
Allissa was able to put on the very first diaper on Zachary, with many many more to come. She will be a great Big Sister.
Mom and Dad are both very excited and doing just great:
Kim and Allissa were both able to be her coaches and be in the room to see the birth. They both did a great job coaching Valerie.
So, this is grand child # 8 and we think that Zachary is a pretty handsome guy already. Nothing more exciting than a new baby to spoil and then send home with Mom and Dad, LOL We will have fun on Father's day this year, :-)