Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The No cost toy!!

The other day the kids were playing and having fun laying around on the stairs!! Here is what we saw them doing~~They were having so much fun laying around and just laughing like crazy~~it even made us laugh right along with them, LOL ENJOY!! Finally got them all together for a together picture!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our new Dog

A couple weeks ago, we got a new dog. Actually it is Toms dog. She is an American Bulldog and her name is Addison, we call her Addy for short. She is about 9 months old. Her and Jazzi get along pretty good, they like to bite each other's faces, chase each other around etc.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kims Birthday

Sunday night we all went over to Valerie's for Kim b-day dinner. Jason cooked chicken on the grill and we had lots of other good food. Since Kim is 34 now, (YIKES!! that is making me getting old!!) we were teasing her about not being able to blow out all those candles and needing the fire dept. Zac was saying HOT!! LOLShe did manage to get them out in one blow still, LOLIt was raining on and off and Tom had brought Addy over to meet Jake. The dogs were playing and drinking in the puddles, so Zac found himself this tiny puddle. If you look real close you can see it. He started drinking it just like the dogs, it was pretty funny!! Once we were inside, Valerie showed me Zac's skateboard: She said he can even ride it in the kitchen. I thought she was joking me but no joke, LOL Here he goes:
So....Baby Zac ended up entertaining everybody that night. LOL

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Fun Fair

Kim had to work today, so I took the kids to the Fun Fair. It was something totally different than what I or my kids ever had for Fun Fairs. We always had the fun booths, like bean bag toss, ducky pond, fishing pond dunk tanks where you would love to dunk your favorite teacher or the principal LOL You would come home with a bag of junk toys, candy, bags of popcorn and maybe cotton candy. Love those ole Fun fairs. they have been replaced with a DJ and 2 slides and 1 jumping tent. There was face painting but for the whole school, 2 face painters, so the line was like over an hour long and they had the cake walk, but again over an hour long. Adults were doing the cake walk too and they were turning away kids cuz of all of the adults. I am sorry but adults need to keep out of the cake walk, LOL it makes me crazy!! Short trip I know LOL

We did enjoy some pizza and Kyla got to hang out with some of her friends and so she had fun and of course Kaleb just was content going wherever LOL This is Kyla's friend at school. A couple weeks ago, these 2 planned a cool sleepover but Kim and Kate's mom squished that idea LOL just a little young!!
On the way out, Kaleb saw his shadow. He was quite amazed that it did whatever he did and moved where he moved LOL It was funny and he wanted to know how is this?? LOL So here he is waving to his new found friend!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A harp recital

Don's mom has been taking Harp lesson for a couple years now and she does a really good job. We all like to listen to her play. When we take Kyla and Kaleb over, they want her to play another one. Well last Saturday she was in her 2nd Harp recital and we went to see her. Here is her solo piece: The post right before this one has a group song that they did~just scroll down.

She did a fantastic job and it sounded great!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Molly's baby shower

Jessica's friends gave her a baby shower for Molly. Kim and Valerie made this clothes line for her. They bought all kinds of clothes, toys etc and hung it on the line. It stretched out pretty long and it was a hit at the shower.
I made her some burp clothes out of the cloth diapers.
Molly received lots of nice gifts and everyone enjoyed the shower.

Kalebs upper lip

With Kaleb's run in with the treadmill, it left him with a big ole band aid on his upper lip. Tom said he looked like Hitler, so I got a sharpie and colored it black!! Him and I were both laughing so much. So here he is~~mustache and all!! LOLLets see, that happened on Saturday~~and this is Wednesday~~the imprint of the treadmill belt is still on his chin!!