Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jess and Scott come from Texas

We were so excited to have Jess, Scott, Tyler and Molly here for a visit. Tyler was so excited to see his cousins, and Kyla and Kaleb have been counting down the days. As soon as the kids got home from school they were outside playing on the swing set, running all over the yard jumping on the tramps, riding bikes, scooters and writing with the chalk.

The boys ALWAYS love to work on the car, so they got right to it. They know just how to flip it over and to work they go. I don't know what all they do but they seem to know and they love it!!
All fixed up for the girls to ride in.
They are enjoying walks with Grandpa Chambers. He usually takes them to the park.
Grandpa love his 2 little girls and they love their grandpa.
All the boys love Lego's and Tyler made several little cars.
Since Tyler is missing school, him and Kyla work on homework together.
Crafts is always a hit and they love to do them. These are door hangers.
They are playing hideout while waiting for Kaleb to get home from school. It actually makes a pretty cool spot to hang out.
Molly loves the little desk and she likes to read her books there.
While Bailey pushes the stroller. It helped her to walk too, although she cant turn it so she just goes straight LOL
Now....these stairs pictures are funny. Molly must be worn out cuz she sat down here for a few minutes and she fell asleep. ha!
On the flip side, Bailey climbed a stair or two and was trying to get down and got herself in quite a predicament, All she could do was scream for help, Ha!
This was just Wednesday and Thursday, and we have 3 days left. Wednesday, the kids were so excited that they noise level was way up there and it was a little overwhelming for me even LOL It was so nice to get them in bed Wednesday night!! LOL But we are having fun so far.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kalebs new bedroom

Kaleb has been living with these lovely flowers for 4 yrs now. Since he is 5 now, we thought that it was time for some new digs. Here are some of the before pictures of the wallpaper:

Kyla and Kaleb both helped take off the wallpaper and they both loved it. We could actually hire them out for some extra $$ LOL It came off easy, and we washed and prepped the walls for painting.
And paint we did, lots of green, and blue/orange stripes for DA Bears of course!!! Kyla and Kaleb loved painting too. Hey, part time wallpapers/painters ummmmmm LOL

Here are the finished room pictures:
Everyone needs a Bears memo board for those special things.

The new addition is a new bunkbed. A twin over a double. Kaleb LOVES the new bed and the afternoon that Kim and I put it together, he was suddenly soo tired and just HAD to go to bed, yah, at 3 in the afternoon!! LOL It was killing him to wait until bedtime to go to sleep. The next day, him and Kyla played in there all day long and didnt even ask for breakfast or lunch LOL Somenights, he sleeps up and sometimes down. :-)
Bins to keep all the toys neat, yah right!! and cap hooks.
This is the picture that is hanging. It is Kaleb and Zac playing football in their bears jersey's. Zac is 3 yrs old and he was throwing that ball with all his might and Kaleb is ready for the catch!!
Here is his reading area:
Da Spongebobs:
The tie rack, Kaleb loves to wear ties!!
Hooks for bags, jackets etc.
A proper place for Da Bears helmets and football!!
In the closet, bins for costumes, like spiderman, SWAT, pirates, fireman etc and hats, he also loves hats!! Give him a hat and a tie and he is good to go, LOL
A shoe bag, so he will ALWAYS know where his shoes are!! Yah, we can dream cant we??
Kaleb is one happy camper and he loves his new room and actually he is doing a pretty good job of keeping it neat.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The finished basement

After Tom left for Texas, I wanted to clean out and redo the basement. It was becoming a catch all so I had to get it done. The whole project took awhile to finish. I added shelves to the corner closet thing. I painted that gold wall a gray color and left the other walls the soft white that they were already and I made new curtains for the windows.

The couch is navy blue, so I went with the blue fabric and contrasting prints.
I re-purposed the side rail of out old baby crib, painted it navy blue and attached pillows for a backboard for the bed, along with a plush navy bedspread. I painted some frames Navy blue and added fabric that is in the curtains where the picture would go.

 I saw this idea on Pinterest so I made my own wood arrangement and just covered the wood with fabric for a cute wood collage.

On this wall, I wanted something whimsical and different. I saw a picture of a white tree painted on it, so I painted the wall the same gray as the other wall and painted the tree on and the leaves are pieces of the fabrics from the collage, curtains etc. It was so much fun to paint and arrange.
It took awhile but I like the way it turned out. It looks good with the blue's.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kyla cheering

The Belvidere HS cheerleaders had a cheer camp for the 1st through 6th grade. Kyla and her friends decided to do the cheer camp. It was for 3 days and she worked really hard and she was so excited about it. They were able to cheer at the sophomore football game during the 1/2 time and then separate groups cheered some and then group cheers also for the 3rd and 4th quarters.
She is the 6th one from the right. These are some group cheers.

This was her all group cheer. 3 groups make up this group. Kyla is in the back row and kinda in the middle of it.
This was their separate group cheer. Kyla is in the back row, 4th from the right. She was the only one that could do cart wheels so she got to do 4 cartwheels across the front.
It was fun to watch her do such a good job and she had a really good time. After the game was over, all the girls went and formed the tunnel for the varsity players to come out through, so that was pretty cool too.