Friday, August 30, 2013

The garage sale with spaghetti bread!!

Last week, I helped Valerie out with her garage sale. It was kinda slow but she made the most money. This was Bailey's and Zac's favorite spot to sit and play and no, they didnt fall off, LOL
I stayed for dinner cuz she was making spaghetti bread and it was very good BTW. Anyway I was sitting there talking and turned out that there were leftover noodles. I soon found out what they do with the left over noodles. I look up to get splatted with noodles!!! Yes, they have noodle fights. I am thinkin....are these people, my family raised be wolves??? LOL Of course, being the mature person that I am, I threw them right back and hence starts the fight.

As you can see, Jake was really enjoying this noodle fight, he isnt objecting one bit. I must admit it was fun and next time I am there for spaghetti, I will be more prepared~~with maybe my own stash!! Shhhhhh

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tyler comes to visit IL

I am so far behind here so I will try to get things caught up. After we spent the week in Texas, Tyler was able to fly home with us for about 6 days. Waiting for our plane to arrive to leave.
 He is reading the safety pamphlet, his Monk moment LOL
 He had so much fun with the cousins, Jumping on the tramp...
just playing.. 
 Celebrating his b-day with Kyla's too...
 His 1st time catching lightening bugs...he caught 2 of them.
 Him and Zac rode scooters in the rain...
 They painted t-shirts with glow in the dark paint....
We went to see Great Grandma Chambers at her house and then to Cracker Barrel for lunch. 
 More jumping....
 Look how much the taller the corn is compared to them. It is even way taller than me!!
 Icee's at Target...
 Ice  cream from the neighborhood truck that comes by our house
 The 2nd time catching lightening bug, this time with caught 10 of them.
 Out to see a movie....
 A trip to the Dairy Ripple and then to the park.
 I can say that they feel asleep ASAP at night time and his cousins here had a blast with him. We  hated to see him go but...Molly was so glad to have her big brother home again!!
 We hope that Tyler can come again and someday Molly too. It was alot of FUN!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our paintings

Jess had found this painting place. Painting with a Twist. There were about 35 women and 1 man there!! Poor guy, he was on date and kinda had to go, LOL Anyway, You go and they have a certain picture for the night and the teacher shows you how to paint and you do just what he does, lol Sounds easy huh??  He showed us how to do the background and the branches.....
By blending colors, you add in some greenish leaves......
And then the flowers. They both turned out different but I think we both did a great job and it was soo much fun and something to do with Jessica, so that was the best part.
See the picture on the left of me, It is so cute and would look great in Molly's room. Jess is going to take that class to do that painting later on. But Molly will have purple boots cuz that is her favorite color just like her grandma!! :-)

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Ducks

When we went to Texas, we all took off for Austin for a couple days. We have only driven through it but have never seen the sites. It is a pretty cool city. We took the Duck tour where the boat drives on land and then in the water too. It toured a lot of historical sites in Austin and we had a great driver than made the ride fun and it was very interesting. We all received duck horns and blew them along the ride.
Tyler was less than thrilled about the duck whistle whereas I thought that he would Love it, I mean a chance for a boy to make noise!! Maybe it isn't as much fun when you can make the noise go figure!! lol
Here's the water. It was on a big lake and very pretty.
Nice homes and Don and I decided to buy the last one on the right of the 4 white homes, uh my dreams!!! and probably not even then LOL
On the way home we stopped at the Louisiana Longhorn CafĂ©. It was very unique and had good food. We did try some Alligator meat.
It really wasn't that bad, it was just the fact that I knew what I was eating. I couldn't have too much because it is cooked in peanut oil and I am allergic to peanut oil.
It was a fun day and even though it was 100 degrees!!