Friday, May 25, 2012

A 2nd grader and a graduate

We now have a 2nd grader and a graduate!! Kyla has passed from 1st grade to 2nd grade by the skin of her teeth LOL She only got straight A's!!
Kaleb had his 4 yr old graduation last night. Caps and all.
Hugs and family pictures!!
Kaleb with his siblings, Sydney, Skylar, Katie, and Kyla
The infamous Lighthearts!!
Kaleb had a great graduation and we are so proud of both him and Kyla.

Scottie Bag holder

Do you get a zillon of plastic bags when go to the store? Seems like I come home with so many  cuz they put like 2 items in a bag!! LOL Then pretty soon the bag pile is heaping over in the pantry.I wanted to make a something to put bags in that would go in my kitchen. Now my kitchen is done in all Scotties and so what better way than to have a Scottie bag holder, makes perfect sense to me.  I was in Wal-mart and came across a black bath hand towel!! Perfect!! It was just the right size to get a front and back and for $2.00 the right price too. I cut out the pattern, sewed it together except I left an opening in the top. I did stuff his feet and head with stuffing and this Scottie holds about 6-7 bags. I use those for the week until the next grocery day. All the others, I recycle. I think he turned out pretty good and it looks good hanging up. No one can even tell that it s my bag holder and that's the best part!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zac and the I-pod

This Is Zac. He is 2 yrs old, he will be 3 on June 16th. In this day of technology, it is so weird to see a 2 yr old play on his very own I-pod!! He just flicks the screen like he knows what he is doing LOL and the funny thing is...he does know what he is doing?? Plus he can eat a cupcake and drink his chocolate milk and still play his game. What a multi-tasker!! LOL
When my kids were little, they didnt have anything like this. The had an etch a sketch or those tablets where you write with the pen and then lift the page to erase LOL How times have changed. Makes me wonder what their kids will be doing ya know??

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our tooth brush holders

I saw this on Pinterest last week and I saved it. Kyla and Kaleb brush their teeth on the main floor bathroom and there are brushes laying around. As soon as I saw this, I knew it was perfect. When Kim and I were garage sailing last Thursday, I found the perfect jars, I was thrilled. I took some wood, painted it and sanded it for that shabby look.....
wired the jar on and painted thier names on their jar. I think they came out pretty good. Kyla is a Pink girl through and through...
and Kaleb was happy to see his favorite color too.
They fit on this small wall and they look great. I had a talk with them that their tooth brush and tooth paste go right back into the jar or else.......LOL

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bella's new dresses

One of Jazzi's friends needed some clothes made for her basset hound Bella. She is new to their family in the past several months and Sherri wanted her to have some dresses to wear to do some nursing home visits. Bella lives about 3 hrs or so from me so I offered to make them for Bella. She sent me a coat for a pattern and WOW!! was she big. Ha! I was just used to how small Jazzi is. She sent me 2 kinds of fabric, the pink and the purple and then I made a few more dresses out of fabric that I had so she would have a selection.
Here are the finished dresses: I was happy with how well they went together without not actually fitting Bella. I was kinda nervous when I mailed them hoping that they would fit!

They fit Bella good and here she is modeling the dresses.

Sherri says Bella loves to be dressed up and feels like a little princess. Bella likes to strut around in her dresses. Doesn't Bella looks so pretty and she has been able to make some nursing home visits. Sherri gave me some material for Jazzi, so I just need to get her a new dress made soon. You know how it goes, you make for others but it takes forever to make for yourself LOL

Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher Appreciation week

This week has been Teacher Appreciation week. Kim in all her craftiness decided to make the teacher gifts. Kyla and Kaleb had teacher appreciation week, lol Since Kaleb goes Mon, Wed and Fri. those were the gift days. Monday were these pencils:
Wednesday were the Swedish fish:
Friday were the Smores. I thought she did do a good job on them all.
Tuesday, Kyla took in little things~like Thursday she brought an Apple and I don't remember Tuesday. Both of the kids teachers loved their gifts. Hopefully it made their week.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Allissa's basketball

Allissa's basketball season ended a little bit ago. She had a good year and we went to most of her games. She is shooting right here. And you would know that the games that I didnt make were the games that she scored the most!!These pictures were at Parents night:They are the 2nd parents in on the right.
At one of her games, this was the ref. Who do you think he looks like????
        Valerie says that is a slimmer version of dad!! LOL