Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Halloween Walk

Friday was a very busy day!! At Meehan, they have a school parade where they march around the school twice. This is her class's banner, Mrs Wisley's class.
Kyla is a beautiful Butterfly~~
The wings are kinda hanging low~~Just a small adjustment that I had to make when she got home that day.
From 4-6 pm they got to go to the HS for a Halloween Walk.
The different clubs, took a hall and decorated it with cool decorations. One hall had trash bags over the lockers (they have short lockers) from side to side and made like a haunted hallway:
They had games to play like ball toss, bouncing ball in the bucket, hopscotch, pumpkin pickw/the number on the bottom, frisbee pickup w/the number on the bottom.
This must have been left over from Homecoming. It was a dead E-rab and they stuffed it with candy and they were like surgically removing the candy with tongs. These students wore Dr. outfits.And of course, they had face painting. Kaleb got a bat and Kyla got a butterfly. It was a food idea and all the kids were having fun.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin carvings!!

Not too much has been going on lately, so we have been on a lull~~ But now since it is almost Halloween, we have PUMPKINS!!!! Kaleb doesnt like the mush and getting dirty so he is getting it cleaned out seed by seed!! LOL Kyla on the other hand loves to play and squish all the insides~~
TADA!!! We have Pumpkins!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cleaning day here today

Don took a couple days off to get work done around the house. Well yesterday nothing got done but groceries and a nap for Don. So, today we had to really hit it. First was cleaning out the stuff in the garage, throwing some away and re-arranging the rest. Kim was taking the kids to do errands and to a friends football game and Kyla didnt want to go so she stayed with us and we put her to work earning her keep LOLAfter the garage was cleaned, we started on the zillion windows that we have LOL We always start on the top cuz it is the hardest part Photo by Kyla LOL
And we put Kyla right to work. She thought it was great to squirt the cleaner on and have her very own paper towels LOL She had fun washing. When we got to the front, she got to climb up the big ladder.
When the front windows were done, Kyla got to climb through the window!!
Then it was off to the yard. Grandpa was going to fertilize so she followed him and watched and I am pretty sure she was talking the whole time LOLWe still have to do the bottom windows tomorrow but we got alot done today with Kyla's help!! She told her mom that her and Kaleb missed all the fun today LOL

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cousins and the TV remote

The other day Valerie was here to get Zac and Valerie, Kim and I were all talking in the kitchen. Valerie hears all this screaming coming from the living room!! She went to check and it was Kaleb screaming.
It appears that Kaleb was busy watching his cartoon shows when....all of a sudden.....
Zac gets the remote and plops himself on the loveseat with the BIGGEST smile on his face and is laying there changing all the channels of the TV~~driving Kaleb crazy!!! LOL P.S. Kaleb's cry was re-enacted but not as well as the original cry!! LOL

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kyla's kindergarden Open House

Kyla had her first Open house and she was quite excited. I even got a personal invite!! :-)
This is her teacher, Mrs Wisely. Grandpa teases Kyla about how wise her teacher is LOL This is the table that she sits at:

She took us on a school tour and we saw the lunchroom, the library, the gym, and her art room. It was alot of fun and she has lots of friends and she really enjoys school and she is learning tons too!! She can even read some now, it is pretty cool!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zac learns to climb the ladder

Last week one day, Zac learned to climb the ladder on Kaleb's bed. He would climb and play up there and then go down the slide. He sees Kyla and Kaleb run down the slide. So the first time, he thought he would be super cool and run down the slide. He got going so fast, that he scared himself LOL but.....he didn't fall!! He was graceful!!and then he would only slide after that. We got the video camera out and see if he would do it again, but he wouldn't. He just looks like he is going head first though LOL We told Valerie about him running down and she was glad that she wasn't here to see it, LOL It was funny though!! Here is a video of about the 3rd time he climbed up the ladder.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Frankenstein faces

Today the kids painted Frank wood masks. Zac likes to paint and he gets all excited and swings the brush everywhere, and yes, with the paint on it:
Kaleb is very serious when he paints. Guess he is really concentrating really hard:
Here are the 3 of them sporting the Frank Masks!! Cute huh?? Notice that Zac is looking out one eye hole!! LOL
They had lunch on their Frankenstein plates too!! :-)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Now, that October is here, it's a fun month. We decided to make some Franks~~with our feet that is!!  Zac:
Kyla: And all of them on the window!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Allissa's 13th birthday

ALLISSA'S 13th Birthday!!

We went to Allissa's house for Tacos, and dips etc. It was all good and thats cuz Valerie is such a good cook!! ;-) Ate and now for opening of the GIFTS!!! yay!
A cool jacket from Kim and Jess that she saw earlier and just HAD to have that day!! Little did she know that she was getting it for her B-day.

Money is always the perfect gift too. She loves spending money!!! and what girl doesn't??
Cake and Candles~~~First, I was worried about all the fire, and thought we better have the FD on speed dial, just in case!! LOL
She blew them all out and we knew that she could cuz of all the HOT AIR!! ROFL Although I must admit that it did get just a Tad smokey!!!
Grandpa and Allissa!!
We hope you will have a great day tomorrow!! We love you and are very proud of you!!
Oh yah and Welcome to the Wild and Wacky teenage years!! :-)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

All buckled up!!

Last Wednesday, we all headed off to church for Awana's. Kaleb was all buckled up~~
Kyla was all buckled up~~
And so was Woody...he was all buckled up!!

Babysitting Zac

Tonight, (Friday) I got to babysit Zac while Jason and Valerie went to a football game. When he is our house, I don't get much time with him cuz all he wants is Aunt Kim!! was nice to have time with him by myself.
Pizza came and Jake about attacked the pizza guy and almost got out of the house, but I managed to keep him in. He is pretty strong!! Zac checked the pizza and bread sticks out just to make sure that they were safe for consumption!!!After pizza and pop, we ate dessert. I brought some candy corn and some smarties. He said the word "Candy"!! We were plugging away until he started chocking, I thought he was eating the candy corn~~instead he was saving them all in his mouth~~he got such a mouthful that he started choking LOL So I ended up with a hand full of 1/2 chewed candy corns in my hand!
I decided that it was time to move on to the Fun Stuffs~~Crafts!! Zac painted a pumpkin!! He kept trying to touch the paint and put it in his mouth LOL
Next came the Finger Painting....He kinda got into this and he had fun with it. He made 3 pictures.
We read some books, played some and time flew and pretty soon it was pajama time, bottle and off to La-La land!! They look so cute when they are sleeping.