Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clothespin picture holders

I came up with an idea for picture holders, so I tried my hand at it: They are just 3 clothespins that are hot glued together side by side. Be careful not to glue the silver part of the clothespin otherwise it wont open to hold your picture. They stand on the wide end of the clothespin. You cover the front and back with either fabric or scrapbook paper and then tie your ribbons on just to the front of the clothespin. Then you can add any trinkets and any embellishments.They were so easy and there are so many possibilities: Kids crafts, School pictures, New babies, Graduations, Get Well wishes, Birthdays, Pets, Grandparents, Holidays, Sports, Anniversaries, Mothers/Fathers day etc. I guess you could even do a gift card holder or money holders~~Just put the gift card in a nice decorative envelope and attach it to the clothespin. It is just a little something to hopefully brighten somebodys day!!
They are really cute and easy so have fun with making your own clothespin holders. :-)