Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Today, July 22nd is Tylers 2nd birthday:
Him and Jess were in IL last week, so we had a little party for him while they were here. He got a cool Handy Mandy tool kit and some other gifts. We had a birthday dinner and Rootbeer floats for dessert.So, with today being his birthday, we called him, Jess put us on speaker phone and we all sang Happy Birthday to Tyler.
He heard us and Jess put some candles on his birthday cupcake and he blew them out!!!
Have a great day today!!!! We love you!!
from Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kim, Kyla, Kaleb, and Uncle Tom

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lets play ball !!!

Tuesday evening, our whole family, except for Grandpa went to see Allissa play ball. She played 2nd base and made some good catches and got a person out at 1st base. She hit the ball and got to 1st base, and scored a run.
We were all loudly yelling and cheering her on, which probably embarassed her but Oh well,!! we were having fun.
On the sidelines was Uncle Tom
Tyler was taking pictures for his mom,
Kaleb is wearing 2 sets of sunglasses at the same time, really protected from the suns rays I guess.
Aunt Jess was in town from Texas and Tyler is giving her a kiss.
Tyler is showing us how he can put is big toe in his mouth,
And baby Zac slept through the whole game, and he is so cute when he sleeps!!
After the game, I told Allissa what a Fabulous good game that she had!!!
We had fun just "making memories" at the ole ball park :-)

How to blow bubbles 101

Kim bought the kids some non-spill bubbles which was nice, because they weren't all over the porch floor in 5 min. LOL Kyla did really good. She had bubbles going everywhere but she has bubbled before this many times. She was showing Kaleb how to blow alot of bubbles
Kaleb was getting some tiny bubbles out but not as many as his sister.
He was blowing and blowing and kept the wand so close to his face that he had bubble stuff in his mouth. All he had to do was open his mouth and bubbles came out, LOL
Kyla kept doing bubbles and Kaleb must have blew himself out, because you can see him resting in the swing behind Kyla, LOL
It was cute to see and they both had fun with the bubbles.

Allissa's driving???

Yep, Allissa is driving!!! Uncle Tom said he would let her drive his car.
I think she thought he was kidding but he wasnt. So, she got in the car and she was nervous, and she had to Breathe in and Breathe out!!Getting instructions!!

A litte gas and she was Off............... to a roaring start.......
to drive to the corner. She only drove to where those 2 cars were parked and then they switched. It was fun to watch her drive.

Luckily for Valerie and Jason, they still have 5 years before she will be driving them around!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Harpist

My Mother-in-law plays the piano and the organ. She has been a church organist for many years. Recently she bought a harp and has begun harp lessons. When Don and I go over and see her, we ask her to play for us. Kyla and Kaleb like to hear her play. Last time she played 2 songs for us and they were VERY good. Kyla was saying Encore, Encore!!
I think Kyla could listen to her play all the time. She commented to her Aunt Valerie that Grandma only played 2 songs, LOL The harp is a very pretty sound and we really enjoy her playing it for us and keep up the good work. I cant wait for Christmas so she can play Christmas songs for us to sing, it will be fun and we will all love it!!