Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was pretty busy as it usually is. Christmas eve we went to Debs house. We always have a good time with Dons family. This is little Baileys first Christmas and she was all decked out for the occasion. The kids all had gifts to open.....Aunt Diane had an old silver Tea set that she gave to Kyla. It is very pretty and I am sure she will be serving us all tea pretty soon. Little Bailey: We have a gift exchange for whoever wants to get into it. Someone reads the Night before Christmas and on every THE we pass the gift to the right and on a Body part we pass the gift to the left and what you have at the end of the story is what you get. I got Valerie's gift. It has a mix in it too.
And this pretty candle which smells like Mint chip!! Christmas morning, the kids opened their Santa gifts. Kaleb got a big firetruck,
Kyla got a new Mp3 player:
Then they opened the gifts from Kim and we opened the gifts from my sister.
Don loved his book about Steve Jobs. He got 3 new books. He hasn't gotten to it yet but he will.Then in the afternoon, we loaded up a zillion boxes of gifts and food and headed off to Valerie's house. We opened those gifts: Zac like his flashlight to wear on his head, he thought that it was pretty cool.My boy is all grown up with is own new coffee pot and travel mug!! LOLWe ate and as usual we ate too much, kinda vegged and both boys were getting tired by the end of the night. Can you hear the cries?? LOL It was pretty funny!!
Zac is modeling his new rocket costume that he got for Christmas.Kaleb is modeling the Spiderman costume that he got for Christmas.
The rest of the La Rues stopped over for dessert and Katie and Kyla had a lively game of BINGO!!Bailey was quite enthralled with all the company and she enjoyed being the center off attention.It was a full day and a very nice Christmas!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zac's Fire truck bookends

My grandson Zac loves any kind of firetrucks and he has a fire truck room. My daughter wanted some fire truck bookends for his books. She had a picture of some and showed me the general idea of what she wanted. I drew this truck plan out and she liked it, so I cut it from wood and painted it up. It does look very nice on his shelf