Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our trip to Home Depot

While I was there I was able to spend some time with Tyler too. Saturday morning, Tyler and I went to Home Depot to their kids workshop. He decided to make a heart shape shelf for his sister. He had no problem hammering it all together and it looked great when he finished it. He is such a pro at this stuff and now he just has to paint it now and make it all pretty for her.While were there, I took him on a shopping trip. Now, Tyler LOVES his tools and LOVES to take things apart. He has his own personal drill and real tools. So I found a few pieces of nice soft wood and we added some things for him to work with. We got a door handle, some hinges to hinge the wood together, some different kinds of door hooks, some eye hooks, a new hand screw driver, some tape, a nice sand block and a snazzy bag to keep all his stuff in. I also found a kit for us to do.
With these eye hooks, he can weave the string through the holes whatever way he wants and notice the circles. They are magnet circles, so when he takes the screw out, it goes right to the magnet circle hence avoids the problem of roll away screws~~at least that's the plan!! LOLThe golf kit seemed perfect cuz Tyler also has his own set of golf clubs!! hard can a kit be to put together?? It says 60 min. OK great!! Pieces all out!! See....those triangle pieces?? Well, they need to be cut in half?? All Scott has is a big ole saw for tree limbs etc. LOL Now WHO sells a kit that doesn't already have the pieces cut and ready to assemble?? Ok, so about 40 min or so later the pieces are cut, not smooth and flesh but never the less cut.
See....that piece of wood that is in half around that circle? well....that was suppose to be one whole piece and not into 2 pieces, so we had that to contend with, LOL The wood was very soft and cracked easily and some of the wood was warped and some of it, I just goofed and so 2 1/2 hrs later, I finished. Tyler was playing when it was all said and done, LOL I was really getting frustrated with this thing and told Jess, if I ever have this idea again~~Just STOP ME~~ROFL
But in any case, here he is trying to get the ball up the ramp and into the hole in one!!
Tyler will probably have more fun painting it than playing it, LOL But hey!! It was time together and still fun!! ENJOY Tyler!!

Meeting Molly

Molly Elizabeth was born April 14th and I was able to fly down to see her on April 21. I about died when I saw her because she is sooo cute!! I love all the black hair and the dark completion!! Makes her look real Indian-ish!! LOL~~This is my most Favorite picture of her!!
We were all wondering how would Tyler be? After all he has had Mom and Dad for 4 years all to himself and he is doing great!! He isnt jealous and he loves his little sister so much. He loves to lay his head next to her and when I was there, if Jess had her someplace else, he would ask me where is Molly!! Usually Jess was changing her or feeding her etc.
Molly is such a good baby. I had one like that too, Valerie!! So watch out Jess!! LOL She doesnt really cry/scream etc. She will whimper a little when hungry but once she is fed, she will either sleep or just lay there, and look around and look cute!!! LOL
I just loved looking at her hands and her feet, it is just amazing how small they are. It has only been almost 2 years since Zac was a baby but how fast you forget how much fun they are as babies. We will be there in June again and I know she will have grown so fast but by then we should see SMILES like crazy!! LOL My sister, Linda had sent a package that Jessica opened after I go there. It was a baby quilt for Molly. Jessica loved it and it matches Molly's yellow pastel room perfectly. She does such a great job on the quilts. Jessica claims that she has the cutest quilts of all the grandkid quilts LOL

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

more pics of Molly

I found these pictures on Scott's facebook and thought that I would share them of little Molly!! 3 more days and I will be there, holding this sweet baby!! Cant wait!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Proud to announce....

That we have a new baby in the family!! Meet Molly Elizabeth!! She is looking at her big brother Tyler!! She was born April 14th at 7:08 Am and she weighed in at 6 lb 8 0z, 20 1/4 inches long and lots of hair!! We all think that she is simply beautiful!! Mom, Dad and Tyler are all doing good and she is nursing well, and so that is all good!! Great first family picture!! Now...I just cant wait to fly down and see her and Tyler. I leave on Thursday!! ;-) CONGRATS Scott, Jess and Tyler!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 pretty Snazzi girls

I found some old old pictures~~Look at these 2 snazzi girls!! LOVE my sister!! This is me and my cousin Jimmy~~Not too long ago, LOL

Today is Jazzi's Birthday

Today is Jazzi's 5th Birthday!! She let me put these crazy glasses on for like 2 seconds, I have learned to take pictures fast LOL She is pretty good in letting me do stuff like this, not that she would have a choice anyways, LOL She was pretty small when we got her. She was 4 months old when we got her. These are the good ole days when she didn't know how to go down the steps Ha! She has grown from this puppy.....
To this pretty Scottie!!Jazzi likes to play with her stuffies, and she keeps an eye out on the neighborhood. She doesn't think that other people should be allowed to walk on our sidewalks so she feels the need to let them know this too!! She loves chasing the squirrels and the birds. She is just a tad bit spoiled, and she loves tacos and she loves walks and road trips. She is a great traveler and she has been to Texas twice now. She is my dog that I have waited my whole life for and I have fun with her.
Jazzi has had to adjust to Addy but they get along pretty well now, they just like to bite each other and chase each other around. So.....Happy 5th Birthday Jazzi!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

being in the right spot at the right time!!

Kim worked alot this weekend, so Monday afternoon she took the kids to K-mart to look at the toys!! Before they left she took a gander at the kids clothes and found that they were clearancing out Bears clothes at 90% off. They were $1.49 each. She said she just took 4 to the register in case it wasn't the real price and sure enough it was. So she went back and cleared out all that they had. She got 4 prs of pajama pants: 6 t-shirts, all sizes:
and 5 hoody's. They were each originally $20.00 a piece and those were $1.99.
When we added it all up, she got $255.00 in clothes for $32.00!! What a buy huh?? Now that is being in the right spot at the right time, LOL She will give some away and save the hoodies for Kaleb, he will grow into them and you can never have too many Bears clothes!! LOL Amazing huh??