Tuesday, May 31, 2011

She passed

Kyla's last day of school was a FUN day and I got to go and help out with it. They had about 8 stations to do things. They had carry the ball between your legs,Bowling~~Look at that Style!! And they had things like a cake walk without the cake, LOL bingo, picture coloring etc. Here is Kyla and her friend Kate, They get along really good, but there is a size issue. Kyla is sitting down and Kate is standing up, LOL.Here is her teacher Mrs Wisely!! She was a fantastic teacher, very organized and the kids learned so much from her, we were very happy that Kyla had her.She even got a Kindergarten yearbook!! lol
And.....the really good news is...that she passed!!! Yippee!!
She is no longer a shrimpy kindergartener, she is now a 1st grader!! Grandpa had to verify to make sure that this was indeed her report card!! LOL

Zac happenings

We were over at Valerie's house Sunday to celebrate Dons and Toms birthdays! Jason cooked great BBQ chicken and we had lots to eat. Later on, it started to thunder and right away Zac said "Hide" He ran over and hunched down on his couch and was hiding from the Thunder!! It was really cute, LOL
And...to make the night even better, this was Zac's first Rootbeer float and many more to come, I am sure!! He loved it too!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


About a week ago or so, it was HOT!! We were all dying from the hear so we decided that it was time to get are Summer-tized!! Washing out the wagon for the first of many wagon rides!!Course, Baby Zac is watching from afar!! This slide was just his size and he loves it!
Kyla and Kaleb got a new basketball hoop and so it was Kaleb's job to fill the base with waterBOY!! After that, it sure didn't take Zac long to want to play with the hose. Kaleb laid it down and that was all she wrote!! You snooze, you loose!!
AND.....it didn't take Zac long to figure out exactly what to do with the hose either. LOL Luckily Kaleb didn't mind and loved getting wet, so it was a nice 50/50 relationship, LOL
As, Zac says, Kimmy~~ we're all ready to go!! Kimmy??They were both pretty tired and it was too nice of a day to nap indoors. My grandma Robinson always made us a pallet on the floor, so I made one on the front porch. You cant see them, but there are about 5 blankets under there, so it is softer than just the porch LOL I thought they
YEP, all summer-tized!!

We all scream for Ice-cream!!

A couple weeks ago, Valerie, Kim, me and Don and all the kids went to Baskin Robbins for ice-cream. We used to walk to the Baskin Robbins with our kids when they were little so it was fun to go with the grandkids too.
Kaleb LOVED the Bubble Gum ice-cream flavor. He had such a big wad of gum after he ate the ice-cream LOL Of course, with our family, it only takes one person and then we have a minor ice-cream fight on our hands!! LOLWhen it was all said and done~~Everyone had a blast and the ice-cream really hit the spot!!
More fun times at the Baskin Robbins!!

Kaleb's first puzzle

Kaleb has never really been into puzzles very much. He would rather have a car, or train or play wit his football etc. The other night, He wanted to do one of Kyla's puzzles and with some help he did it!! So, while they were at K-mart, Kim bought him his very own first puzzle: He is really concentrating on getting it together!And....he DID it!! Nice job Kaleb!!Kim put 2 new puzzles in his Easter basket and now he is pro at getting them together. He still needs a tiny bit of help but does it pretty much himself!!NO more of doing his sisters puzzles anymore!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day Buttons

Kim wanted to make a button for Valerie from Zac for Mothers Day. Kim made the sign and BOY!! We couldn't get him to smile for anything!! LOL We were jumping down, waving, Kaleb was making funny faces, he probably thought that we were a bunch of crack-pots!! LOL We even used reverse psychology and got Zip!! LOL This was the best we could get.
As I was going through other pictures, we found that Zac looks just like Valerie. So I snipped out a picture and added to to Zac's button for her to wear on Mothers Day at work. She said alot of people noticed it and thought they were both cute. So, then I thought if Valerie has a button, then I should make some for Kim from the kids, since she was working at the same place as Valerie. So we did their silhouettes and they thought that it was pretty cool to see themselves sideways, LOL They told me what to write and I added a regular picture and Tada!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Young or Old??

We have this plate on the shelf of our bed. Don was in our room and Kaleb was sitting on the bed. He asked, "Grandpa, who are those people"?? He said, thats me and your Grandma when we got married. Kaleb looked at it a bit and then said ~~"WOW!! You were young Grandpa"!!Don said it just cracked him up to hear Kaleb say that because he didnt know that he knew the word young and even how to use it in a sentence, LOL Don said he must look really old!! LOL I asked if he said anything about me and Don said No. Whew!! I must still look young!! LOL

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to my daughters

Happy Mother's Day to Kim~~And to Jessica~~
And to Valerie~~
All three of you are GREAT Moms to your kids and I am really PROUD to be your mom. Course, I am a bit partial but your kids are the cutest ones around~~of course, they take after their Grandma ROFL
Love ya and have a Wonderful Day!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kalebs Cubbies

Kyla and Kaleb have been in the Awana program at our church this year and they really liked it and had fun. Last week was the last night and was Kaleb's program night. It was really cute to see the little 3-4 yr olds up there singing so cute. We have never heard him sing any of these songs at home, LOL and Who knew that he knew his WHOLE Pledge of Alliance?? Not me or Kim, LOL This is his best friend, Chase. They really bonded as soon as they met each other in the beginning of the year. They sit together and hang together almost all the time.
This year Kaleb was a Lamb and got some awards and a certificate. Next year he will be a Giraffe before moving on to Sparky's when he is in Kindergarten!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Friday Lunchdate~~

Last Friday, Kim had to work and that is my errand day, so Kaleb ran with me for my errands. We went to Micheals, and he wanted to go to MacDonald's for lunch. He was happy to be able to pay and treat me to lunch that day. He is getting his money all ready to get out here.
After we ordered and paid, I had to wait for the food. Kaleb said he would go and get us a table~~what a gentleman!! He found us a nice booth, :-) He got his Happy Meal nuggets and wasted no time getting it all out and ready to eat.
We had a good time talking and it was just fun being out with him all by himself and I think he enjoyed it too. Plus he got just the batman figurines that he wanted, so life doesn't get much better than that for a 3 yr old, LOL
Left there, headed to get groceries and of course, we always get more stuff when a kid is with me. It is AMAZING how stuff just shows up in the buggy~~very mysterious!! LOL

Monday, May 2, 2011


Since I was in Texas over Easter, Tyler and I got to color Easter Eggs together. He was all about getting the colors mixed up and he thought that it was pretty cool. After all, Tyler had his rabbit tongs and was going to town on these eggs:I had boiled about 14 eggs and MAN!! It didn't take long to get those done. I knew we had to stretch it out some more so there was another uncooked dozen in the fridge, so we did those too, uncooked of course!!LOL I tried to be careful and not to get those eggs mixed up and well, he might as laid some down that I didn't see, cuz one of the eggs that I thought was cooked, umm...cracked, OOpssss!!!! LOL It was kinda funnyHe sat the eggs out for the Easter Bunny and he asked me:
**How does the bunny get in to hide the eggs??? LOL I said Well..Santa comes in through the fireplace, maybe the bunny does too.

**How does he Hop down the fireplace?? LOL I said Well....yah bunnies has special ways of doing a hop-jump right down that fireplace!!

**How does the bunny get to everyone's house?? I said Well.....they jump make it snappy and hip hop and they get it all done!!

Jess was leaving leaving carrots out and he asks:
**What if the bunny is full of carrots and doesn't want anymore?? I said Well....the bunnies never get tired of carrots LOL~~Tyler just asks way TOO many questions!!

I told him that once when his Mom was little, that she said she saw the bunnies shaking her bed, and she really did think that LOL and that was my mistake:

**Are the Bunnies going to shake my bunk bed?? I opened up a whole lot of questions LOL We assured him that they wont shake his bed and for him to go to sleep, LOL

He got up the next morning and had fun finding all the eggs. We got everyone ready to go to church and took some pictures before we left. Molly had her new Easter dress on. Great Grandma Chambers made this yellow sweater for Tyler and it was the perfect size to fit Molly so she wore it with her dress. It looked really cute.Nice family picture huh??
After church, we are, had naps and it turned out to be a good Easter Sunday!!