Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY ~~Tom baby boy is now 23 yrs old. YIKES, that makes me getting really old too!! LOL We had Mississppi mud cake and ice-cream this morning. That is the breakfast of champions. One swift blow and all the candles were out!!
Kim says, it seems like just yesterday, that her, Jess and I were cheering for him to walk from the couch to the loveseat~~
He always like Kim to do his hair up and over for him~~
He was scared of the trampoline when we first got it~~
After we got Sprint, he was scared of the dog and stayed on the couch for like 2 weeks~~
The time that he got his foot caught in the spokes of the bike and was laying in the street screaming~~

Where has the time gone??? We are proud of him and happy that he is our son!!! We all love you Tom and have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The swingset is a hit!! you will see, the swingset is a BIG hit and everyone loves it. At first Kyla was a little iffy with it, sliding off the seat etc.
But....she got comfortable real fast and stands on the swing now. I am trying to get her to stand on the blue cross bar, but she says not yet. lolZac's first time on the slide~~
Kaleb goes frontwards and backwards on the slide~~Hey Tyler, We cant wait for you to come play on our swingset!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Here is Zac crawling. He is getting faster all the time and he knows he can go in the circle around the house, it is cute. Zac's new shades~~
He now can use this toy for his walker to get around some. He thinks he is pretty hot stuff!!Valerie and Zac on Easter Sunday~~This is his walker at home and now he loves to point to stuff~~And his latest trick is......climbing up the stairs!! These were at Grandma's house Easter Eve. He hasn't tried to climb ours yet!

Monday, April 12, 2010

When Uncle Tom came home~~

Tom came home about a month ago. This is what we did for him when he came home. Kyla and Kaleb made him some delicious cupcakes with sprinkles:
We made signs and hung them up across the window and the archway. We signed everyone's name on it and the kids drew some cute little pictures and added their special touches:Kyla was very sad when Tom left and she told her grandpa, "Remember how sad I was when Uncle Tom left? Well, I am just as excited that he is coming back home" She really missed him alot and ran and jumped into his arms when she saw him, She was one happy girl as you can see by this BIG smile!Kaleb was happy to see him too but contained it some. For the first couple days, they were all over him and Kaleb was always wanting to go downstairs and see Uncle Tom!!I am glad that he was able to go to Texas for the winter and Tyler got to spend time with Uncle Tom but we are glad that he is back. Now is back to working and getting in the groove again.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kaleb and his haircut!!

Kaleb is not a big fan of haircuts. He says "They hurt" I remember when Tom used to hate them too. Tom claimed that they hurt also!! I wonder if all boys hate haircuts?? Kaleb is getting better, he now sits in the car. He is pretty intense and he must think he is driving that car!! takes because he is getting the haircut!! It is almost done!!FINALLY!! but now just a teeny bit hairy, time to go home and get a bath.The whole haircut bribery thing only cost Kim a candy bar, not to bad huh??? and Kaleb is looking good once more!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The New Swingset~~all done!!

Don gave in and let Kim buy a swingset, even though his grass may get messed up. The purchase has been made and here sits the box in the entryway.Kim and I going to try and assemble this ourselves!! Kim was a little unsure but I am like Come on, we CAN do it!!! This was a challenge just trying to read the instructions but with 2 kids picking up screws and pieces and hittin each other and us in the heads with the pipe peices made it even more challenging!! Don supervised and mostly snickered at us, lol. After a couple tries, we got the teeter thing and slide together. Course the kids can't stay off the slide!!

Kim is like can we call the place back and pay to have them come and finish it for us?? She offered to pay, lol We all said no, we can do it, reluctantly she continued. The screwdriver broke and the power screwdriver went weak and then Tom came along and had tools in his car. Once we moved it outside,Tom helped us get it put together. Don said he just HAD to go to bed yah right!!! lol Kyla was our tester everytime we got an piece on it, just to make sure it worked!!Finally, here it is~~Our new swing!! Kyla just learned how to pump herself for the very first time!!Kaleb was taking a nap, so he hasn't been able to play on it yet. They are with Shawn this weekend, so come Sunday night, we all know where Kaleb will be!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring is here!!

Well, Spring is here and with it comes new things:
Getting out of the van has a whole new meaning now!! New T-ball sets, pink for Kyla and red for Kaleb:Kim thought that she was being smart by buying them each their own batting thing, so they won't fight over it, which worked. But now they each are going....I hit mine farther than yours!! NO, I hit mine farther than yours!! LOL ~~I told her, that is just siblings!!

And........the newest member to be added to our family is............a New Swingset!! To be assembled t-0-m-o-r-r-o-w!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter Sunday, the kids went through their baskets and saw all their goodies. We headed over to Valerie's house for dinner. Allissa hid eggs so that they kids could find them and they had fun doing that. They had so much fun that she re-hid them again. Zac likes the trampoline~~
Kaleb likes the swingset~~
Valerie proved that she can still ride the unicycle~~Kim can still walk on the stilts without stubbing her toes~~Zac shows us his tricks, he points and walks with his walker, talented huh??And he models his new bunny ears. Zac is all EARS!!! So, we all had a fun and Happy Easter and got home in time to watch Undercover Boss!! LOL

Easter Eve

We have a nice mailman that leaves Jazzi a dog biscuit every day and the kids each a piece of candy so we wanted to do something nice for him. The kids made rice krispie treats, shaped them like eggs and dipped them in almond bark and put sprinkles over them. They turned out pretty cute
and Kim had gotten a GC to Machine Shed, so Kyla addressed the front of the card herself. Saturday night, we went to Grandma's house. Duane, Mary Jo, Jeff and Natalie and Conner were in town. We had a dinner and it was fun. Conner is so cute and so big now and running around.Natalie and Conner~~
Zac has just learned to go up the stairs and he went up Grandma's stairs.Aunt Diane had bubbles and was blowing them for the kids.
Kaleb kept trying to catch them by biting them lol It was a good evening and we all had fun hanging out.