Saturday, August 22, 2009

Little Zac is growing up!!

We all remember this day!! June 16th, 2009 ~~Little Zac is born.
He has led a rough life so far, I mean so many people love to hold him and play with him. Cousins:Aunt Jess:
Uncle Tom:
Zac is growing pretty fast, They all look like angels when they are sleeping!!
Now, that Valerie is back to work, we get to see him more often since we babysit. Valerie's first day back to work at Machine Shed.
Jazzi even likes to give him kisses:
Zac is starting to smile more and do some cooing at us.
Mom says he likes his Boppy seat, but we dont get the same idea.
As he gets older, he is developing his personality.
When he is Happy, he is all smiles :-D
And when he isn't Happy, lets say....he has a really bad temper!!!
and he isn't afraid to let you know exactly how he feels about something.
He can scream with the best of them and his face turns all red!! He is a little bit of a Drama King, like his mom was a Drama Girl!! It is funny. But, thats ok, we LOVE him anyways and will keep him around.

Kyla's first day at school

Today, Friday, August 21st, was a Very Special day!! It was Kyla's very 1st day of preschool!! She has been preparing for this day for awhile. She had lots of shopping to do and lots of school supplies to get. She gets to pack a lunch everyday and she will have lots of cool things to do at preschool. But first.....we ALL had to get our pictures taken with her.

Here she is..turning and giving us a wave!! She has her snazzy backpack on with matching lunchbag!! and new outfit!!!
Another wave from closer to the van!! LOL
Now, she is a Washington Wildcat!!

She's in line with the purple backpack and her teacher Mrs. Kitson has the green shirt on. She went in, no problem.After school was over, Mom treated her to a frosty. Kyla said she got to play dress up, and the teacher sang songs, but she didn't color, and she met a couple of girls. She had fun and said she will go back on Monday.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kaleb's Birthday Party

Kaleb turned 2 on Aug, 18th, so this weekend we had a birthday party for him. We had a taco party and family and friends were here. He was thrilled to have his sisters here also. There were lots of gifts for him to open, and he got right to it. Everyone knows he loves Spongebob, I think those were his first words, LOL. Well, he got a Spongebob car, you shake it and it drives. He really likes that.
I see NO good with this gift!! especially after he hits the TV or his sister or one if us!! LOL. He likes this bat for sure, and he got a baseball mitt too.
Here is a Fireman Kit, complete with fireman hat, badge, ax and all the needed things any fireman would use all in a neat little box.
He needed this, because he got his own Fireman Scooter. Along with learning to ride the bike he also learned to ride Kyla's scooter.
This scooter comes equipped with lights, sirens and neat stuff like that.
Like Kyla, there was no shortage of gifts. He got clothes, some more toys, a spongebob memory games and lots of other stuff. He liked all his gifts. His cake was alot of cupcakes put together to look like a Spongebob. He couldn't just have a normal cake around here, LOL He liked it though.
The party was a success and everyone had a good time. Jazzi was worn out with all the kids over and doing so much running around etc. She had been avoiding the swinging bat and the firetruck scooter, LOL. I walked into the kitchen and saw Jazzi just lying on the rug with her head laying on one of her toys and looking down the hallway.
So, I looked down the hallway and this is what I saw: The cutest picture of a little boy with his fireman hat on backwards, shaking his Spongebob car to drive it right to Jazzi. I chucked and took the picture. It is a CLASSIC!!! LOL
Since Skylar couldn't make the party, he was able to spend the night. The next day was actually Kaleb's real b-day so he had more gifts that morning from his Mom and Kyla. He enjoyed another day of gifts!!
Who wouldnt???We had leftover cupcakes so we had them for breakfast and put candles in his and sang Happy Birthday again!! He was smilin...ear to ear!! and blew out all of two candles!!He got this shirt, and I think it is soo cute. It is Linus's body and Linus carrying his blue blanket. Kaleb has a blue blanket and looks just like Linus when he carries his around, so had to get this picture.
Now, we are officially in the "Terrible Two's" now I guess!! LOL

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kyla's birthday party

Kyla turned 4 in July, so we had a party for her. Of course, it had to be Pink!! since that is her favorite color. The night before, Kim decorated her door, so this is what she woke up too. She was quite surprised to see it She got to pick the menu, so we had homemade Pizza and a pretty princess cake for dessert. She helped her mom do the cleaning, cooking and baking and it turned out really good. She was very excited because "her kids" were coming over, which is her brother and 2 sisters.
There was no shortage of gifts as you can see. She got some clothes, a tea set, games, roller skates, and to much for me to remember all of it.The Princess birthday cake:
Kyla had a very nice Birthday Party and she loved all of it!!