Friday, September 30, 2011

Pouty faces

Zac got mad and thought that he would show us how to pout, LOL We told Zac that you have to really stick out that bottom lip to do it correctly LOL He was trying to but he got to laughing too much, LOL Kaleb looks like......... Hey Dude!! You gotta do better than that!! Let me show you.....
So....we had Kaleb how to do it, LOL it was so funny that we were all cracking up LOL He had the look going and all, LOL

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Having fun in the trees!!

Here are just a couple pictures of the boys just having fun out on the tree with Grandpa!!
They do have fun with their Grandpa. Wait till Tyler gets here, he will have his hands full with all 6 of them!! LOL

Johnny Appleseed

Monday was Johnny Appleseed's birthday so Kaleb learned all about it at pre-school. They each made their own Johnny Appleseed and he wore the pan for his hat.
They brought home a recipe for Apple crunch so we made it for dessert Monday night. Kaleb got to make it and he even had to have the pan hat too, just like Johnny Appleseed.
Cooking, stiring and holding on to his hat LOL
Going to the oven and believe me, it was delicious!!Here's the recipe if anyone wants to make it. It is really easy!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

We hate the Goodbyes!!

The morning that we left, we all went out to eat at Chick fil-a. That is Tyler's favorite restaurant. It is always a good time. Jess and I had a quick run in at Hobby Lobby and then back home again, We had to get out stuff packed and ready to roll. Then of course, we have to get our last minute pics taken.
We love to come and visit and we REALLY REALLY hate to leave but then it is also nice to get back home again. Our flight was good and only about 15 min late. As soon as we got out of the car, out runs Kaleb and Kyla running to meet us and gave us big hugs. Thanks for a great time Jess and Scott and around Halloween, Jess, Tyler and Molly will be coming to Ill to visit and Tyler is excited about trick or treating with his cousins. We will have fun, I am sure!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dream Catcher

My son, when he was little used to have bad dreams and would wake up crying and really scared. So I made him a dream catcher and we hung it on the window so that it wouldnt keep the bad dreams out and let the good dreams in through the special little hole. It worked and thus ended the bad dreams!! my grandson Zac who is 2 and is having bad dreams so my daughter asked me to make him a dream catcher. I had the metal ring and small twine and feathers but was coming up short on the leather. I headed to the basement to see if I could find anything that I could use and found a old belt that was a leather braid. Perfect!! So I took it apart and used that to cover the ring and figured out how to do the weaving.
It is pretty simple dream catcher but it will worked for him to not have bad dreams. He is sleeping peaceful and calm now!!

While in South Padre

At South Padre, there was a fish aquarium type of deal. They rescue turtles that are sick or have been injured or maybe caught in boats etc. Some have missing legs etc. They fix them back up and 90 % are able to be released back to the ocean. They are pretty big and here is one guy that was watching us. It was pretty amazing!!
We also found a great restaurant~~Caption Roys. If you ever get there, please eat there. It was delicious. Scott and Jess had the fish tacos and they said they were wonderful. I had this HUGE homemade chicken taco. That was all I had and it sure filled me up. It was sooo GOOD!!! You can never go wrong with Mexican food!! LOLA trip to the DQ was great too and we were able to do a little shopping and drive around the Island. I wanted to do something really adventurous, They had para-sailing and Don was going to go with me. We knew it was kinda expensive and when I finally got ahold of them, I found out that we would on be up for like 5 min. I was really torn, I wanted to go so bad but I couldn't justify all that money for just 5 min, so I turned it down!! I guess I am just too cheap for 5 min, LOL and Don was glad, he figures that he caught a break! LOL It was a pretty fun trip and we enjoyed ourselves!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sea World

Since we still had passes from last time we were there, we went to Sea World again. This was Molly's first time to Sea World. It is always fun to see the Sea Lion show and of course Shamu.Before the shows, we caught up with the dolphins. Molly was really watching the Dolphins so much that I don't think that she even noticed that there was one right behind her, LOL Don and I think that the Dolphins are really cool and if we could come back to life again, we would be Dolphins!! LOL
Tyler and Molly were amazed at all the fish. Tyler loves the fish, sharks and the penguins.
They have a diver that cleans the inside of the aquarium window, who knew huh???It was overcast and that was nice but it was still HOT at least for us. Molly had a pretty nice situation right here, fan blowing, Life doesn't get much better than this!!
They have lots of kid rides, and a kids water park which is great for them. Grandpa thought he could manage the Merry Go Round!!
They also have HUGE rope climbing area and naturally Tyler wanted Grandpa to go on it with him. Thank goodness for Grandpa's for these kinds of things LOL He said, he thought that this was pretty good for an old 59 yr old, LOL
It turned out to be a fun day and we were all glad to get back home again where it was nice and "Cool"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A ton of swimming!!

It is so cool at the beach. I just loved watching the waves and it is so peaceful.
The seagulls just kinda swoop everywhere and do their own thing. Tyler thought that maybe he could catch himself a seagull but No luck!!LOL Molly loved the beach too and she even liked the water. She was a little taken back when she got her first tast of salt water, LOL
We also too full advantage of the pools too. The kids really loved them too. They do look so cool at night with all the lights on, so Don got this idea of taking Tyler out swimming after it was dark. But in order to go he had to take a nap earlier. We had been swimming so much that it wasnt a problem at all but Jess had to wake him up to go back out. I think we were out maybe 15 min and he was so tired that he said he wanted to go back to bed, LOL So...I guess that wasnt one of our brightest ideas!!Back to the beach!!
We sure became Beach/Pool Bums!! LOL

South Padre, here we come!!

Last Sunday we flew to San Antonio to see Scott and Jess and the kids. Tuesday we left and drove down to South Padre Island with Scott, Jess and the kids for some R&R and to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary which was on August 28th.
This was the building that we were in. It was pretty nice inside. We were the 4th one over from the right side and the 3rd down from the top.
This was the view from our balcony. There were 3 pools, tennis court, sauna's and a great view of the ocean. Our spot was perfect because we could sit out there in the morning and evening and not have the hot sun on our deck. I just LOVE all the palm trees and I sure wanted to bring one home with me, but I dont think it would survive back in Ill, LOL South Padre was very relaxing. It was so much fun swimming in the Ocean, the waves were so strong and it was windy. I must admit, I did get a mouth full of salt a couple of times and the waves knocked me down sometimes, LOL