Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Bottom Heavy tree

Here is a great example of letting the grandkids put ornaments on the tree: LOL

Monday, November 26, 2012

Grocery shopping with Grandma

Kaleb had 2 choices: Go with Kim to Kyla's volleyball or grocery shopping with me Santa hat and all!!! Photo Opt:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Thanksgiving in Texas

This year we were able to go and spend Thanksgiving with Jess, Scott and the kids. It was so nice and warm in Texas.  We were able to wear our shorts!! LOL Molly only liked her Grandpa but I was able to get her to play shells with me for a few minutes. All she wanted was her Grandpa. He even had to change her diaper which is HUGE for him LOL
Tyler is a whiz at building stuff out of blocks. Him and Grandpa spent time building together.
Jess had a project to help her with and it was making and painting a sign for over her fireplace. So off we went to our favorite store~~Lowe's for wood and supplies.
It took awhile but here it is. It looks really good on her fireplace.
We were all anxious for Thanksgiving and we had cooked up a bunch of food and Jess decorated the table. The night before, we all sat and talked about things that we were thankful for and Tyler printed them on these little pieces of paper. Jessica made a table runner by attaching them to the string.
Earlier that day, Tyler and I made some turkey legs out of stuffed sacks, Popsicle sticks and he wrote every ones name on each leg for name tags. He had 9 of them to write so it was a fun writing time for him.
I also brought a turkey and he glued the feathers on for another decoration.
He had a Pilgrim hat from school so he modeled it for us.
Jess had started this wreath awhile back but it just never got finished, so I finished it while I was there. She is going to hang it on her door maybe in the Springtime.
She had a cool idea to make some Christmas trees that she saw on Pinterest. You take a big cone, cover it with parchment paper, soak string in Stiffy and wrap all around it. The next morning, it was all dry and we took the cones off and glued on the red balls. We both thought that it came out really cute.
After Thanksgiving, they put up the Christmas tree. The kids really like to help with that, well not so much Molly but Tyler helps alot. I think he hung up all of the ornaments and did a great job.
Time went by so fast and then it was time to go home. We had a really nice Thanksgiving and a very enjoyable time there. We didn't run and do alot like of stuff like we usually do but we didn't mind a bit. It was  just fun to relax plus we did get all of their gifts while we were there.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Burlap Christmas trees

Burlap Christmas Trees: You will need:
A tall cone
Burlap material
Christmas greenery, tree decorations
Tree topper
Hot glue gun

These Burlap trees are something kind different, natural looking, really easy and fun to make. You will need a tall cone which I got from my Michael's store in town. This one is a paper machie and it works perfect. You could always use a Styrofoam cone too.
When you are done, you add some greenery, little christmas balls or you could add small ornaments if you wanted. You will need to trim the burlap again. You can also find cute toppers at Michaels for the tree top.

They make great gifts for kids, adults, shut ins, hospitals etc. They are easy enough that kids could even make them.