Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

The tree was decorated......
The Stockings were hung......
So.....Let Christmas 2012 begin!! Great Grandma spent the day with us and we all opened gifts!! The noise level was relatively calm for gifts and everyone really liked what they got. My camera was starting to go out so no closeup and personal shots, just general pics.
I tell Don to Smile and this is what we get, He really IS excited about his fire dept shirt. Jess, now you know where Tyler gets his grimaces from LOL
Another excited moment for Dad!! LOL
A "ninger" turtle. The belt came out a little tight as you will see in the next shot. A slight adjustment will have to be made quickly today!!
We made a great meal, lots of fun and laughter and then a Ice-cream Birthday cake for baby Jesus. We sang Happy Birthday and each one of the kids had a section of candles to blow out. It was fun and then we sang Happy Birthday to Jason too. He is now 35 yrs old!! Happy Birthday Jason!!
We had a great Christmas and Oh BTW, I did get a new camera, LOL

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The New Christmas Look

Our old red Christmas stockings were getting really worn out. I decided to make new one and I wanted something different. I chose to go with green. It isn't a velvet but is soft like it and shimmery and a really soft white fur. My sister made the name tags and she did a great job. Thanks Linda!!
Each tag has its own personalized trinket on it. Don's is a pocket watch cuz he is always on time and mine is a pair of scissors cuz I like to sew. Don isn't sold on the green yet, Valerie said to make him his very own red stocking LOL
They do look nice and gives us  New Look!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


We have lots of trees in our yard and I LOVE the trees. They are great shade and help keep the house really cool in the summer. They look so pretty when they change colors and also when they have snow on them. But with beautiful colored leaves comes the raking!! I am not so much a fan of raking, LOL We are very fortunate that our town has leaf suckers. Its really a giant vacuum and we just have to get them to the street and the sucker does all the rest. The kids love to watch the leaf suck and do I :-)

We live on a corner so any late falling leaves just blow away down the street to somebody else~~works for me!! LOL