Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy 28th Birthday Valerie!!

Valerie's birthday was Jan 14th but we just all got together today for her meal. We had roast, potatoes, carrots, rolls and Mississippi mud cake and it was all good if I do say so myself LOL Came time for candles and all I can say is good thing Jason is a fireman!! Do you think she could blow them all out at once???

Of course, she got her traditional chocolate chip cookie dough!!We brought Kaleb's bike upstairs so he could have something to do with the cold weather. Zac found it and figured out how to get on it and can get his feet on the pedals but just doesn't know how to make it go just yet. I am pretty sure that he will be riding it this summer and we will be spending lots of time outside going up and down the sidewalk!!! we took the training wheels off of Kyla's bike. She was pretty excited until....she tried it and found out that it is a little bit harder than she thought!! Here is just a short clip of her riding!!

So...all in all, we had a fun day!! Next birthday is Kim's on March 9th!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bowling with Railey

A few weeks ago, Kyla had her friend Railey over and Kim took them bowling. Kyla went to preschool with Railey last year and so they are at different schools for kindergarten this year but they still like to get together to play. It took them a bit to get their technique and style down and the balls down the alley but they eventually got it all figured out. Thank-goodness for bumper lanes!!
It was alot of fun and I actually dont know who won!! I got them on video and they like to watch it and laugh at themselves!! Here the are just being funny before we had to go!! Had ice-cream on the way home, so it was a good afternoon!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kaleb the fireman!!

When Kaleb is into something, he has this habit of wearing it all the time. Like his Awana vest, he wore for a week and he had to sleep in it too. He gets into his Monster truck shirts or his guitar shirts and his Bears Jersey's and he has to wear them every day and Kim washes them at night. This week he has been into his fireman stuff. He wore the fireman jacket, hat and boots all day long and riding his fireman scooter. I was taking the kids to Walmart and so off we went in the complete fireman attire!! People thought that it was really cute and he was just walking down the isles just as happy as could be LOLHe had some of his money, so what did he buy?? What else but a Firetruck!! LOL push a few buttons and it makes siren noises and different firetruck noises!! He was happy with his new purchase!!While he was looking cute at the store, he also had his fireman rain boots on the wrong feet, and he said that he liked it that way, LOLThey sure are little characters!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Zac on the play computers

The other day I bought a TON of batteries for the TON of things here that need a battery. One of them was Kyla's old barbie computer. Kaleb has fun playing with it~~it teaches letters and stuff like that. Well... Zac has discovered it and the other day it was on the table. He climbed up in his chair and went to work on it. He looks like he knows just exactly what he is doing huh?? He is a real natural with that mouse!!Here he is nowdays...... compared to last year......

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The new treadmill

Here is the new addition to our family!! Dons new treadmill LOL It supposedly has all the bells and whistles but havent seen them used yet.
He loves it and now he can keep up his 30 miles a week.
Of course, being the new item, the kids all have to get a chance to get on it. Kim and I are starting to use it too. So I think we will get plenty of use out of it. It does look nice though!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

The days before Christmas were very busy and before long it was Christmas Eve. We went to Deb's house. We had dinner and opened up gifts there. Here is Grandpa with the kids. Christmas eve, back at home, the kids left cookies and milk for Santa. He left the crumbs and added a Thank-you to the kids. ;-) Christmas Day, here are a bunch of pictures, Enjoy!!
Valerie and Tom got matching Bears hoodies and were being funny!!That was a summary of our Christmas. We all had fun and ate way too much food!!

Sleighs, Playdough and Snow!!

I had gotten some gingerbread sleighs that the kids could put together. It was the kind with the frosting and you add all the candies and well.....they weren't as interested as I thought they would be but they turned out cute. There was even a Santa in each sleigh.They did like playing with the play dough. Kaleb had gotten some new ones, so they were all nice and squishy, they all had fun with that. Don took Tyler out for a walk. Tyler got all bundled up which for any kid is a job. They went out the back door, down the street along the side of our house and Tyler was ready to come in, guess he had enough walking in the snow. Don couldn't convince him to keep walking, so the walk was from the back door, around and to the front door, LOL But Tyler liked it anyway.Later on, we took all the kids outside to play in the snow. Zac wasn't too sure at first. I don't think he really cared one way or the other, it didn't really mattered to him one bit, LOL

Grandpa carried him while Jess pulled the boys in the sled.

Tyler learned how to throw snowballs real quick and he threw them at me and Kaleb. Then pretty soon, Kaleb was throwing snowballs too, LOL

They had fun playing in the snow, and they all took really good naps that day, LOL