Friday, October 14, 2011

She's here, she's here!!

Bailey Ren'ee made her arrival to day, Oct 14th. Valerie came in Friday morning about 6:00 am to be induced. She was dilated to a 2 at that time. About noon, she is doing pretty good here, just getting a back massage from Jason.Bouncing on the big ball and starting to feel more pain about 1:00 or so. She was about dilated to about a 3 or so here.The Dr. checked her about around 4:30 and she was at a 3 1/2 -4. About 5 pm they came in and gave her an epidural and within about 20-25 min or so, she went up to a 9. She pushed for about 20 min or so and Bailey was born about 5:50. She went up so fast, that they epidural didnt really help that much and she was in lots of pain. It did help take the edge off at the end.Bailey weighed in at 9lb 6 oz and 21 1/2 inches long and she had hair!! Zac was bald!! LOL
She is doing good and Mom got to hold Bailey.
Dr Holman:
Aunt Kim had hair ribbons for her:
The first Official new Lightheart family picture:
WELCOME Bailey~~We are so glad that you are here!! CONGRATS to Jason and Valerie.

A finger print keepsake

I made this for my daughters baby shower as a keepsake gift. I took a piece of good art paper, sketched out a tree, branches and made a heart in the middle for the baby picture. I had different color stamp pads, and I chose the colors that would be in the baby's room. As the guests came, they made their fingerprint on the picture in whatever color that they wanted. I had another piece of  paper for the guests to put their print on that paper also and they signed their name next to their fingerprint~~that way my daughter could see who's print was whose. That paper just fit right behind the tree picture. No 2 fingerprints are the same, :-) My daughter really liked it and she has a keepsake for her daughter.
Here's a game that we played. See if you can match up the answers:
How a Baby relates to Candy Example:
Choosing baby’s name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Whatchmacallit
1. Game to play when up with the baby~~~~~~~~Runts
2. Girl’s name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Milky Way
3.Twin boys~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Milk Duds
4. Hospital Address~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pop Rocks
5. Epidurals~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Peppermint Patty
6. Nice bath time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Smarties
7. 11 pound babies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hugs and kisses
8. Babies laundry pile~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fun Dip
9. Seeing your baby for the 1st time~~~~~~Crunch 10.Triplets~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Symphony
11. Postpartum tummy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mike and Ike
12. Time alone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nerds
13. Baby giggles~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sugar daddies
14. Lullabies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~100 Grand
15. Teething~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mounds
16. Preemie babies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5th Avenue
17. Loving your baby~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 Musketeers
18. Cool mom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Life Savers
19. Breast feeding~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Baby Ruth
20. Hospital accountants~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Good and Plenty
21. Grandpa’s~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Snickers
22. Super daddy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jelly Belly’s
23. Dirty diaper~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tic Tac (toe)
24. Babies intelligence~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tear Jerkers
25. Hospital Bills~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Whoppers

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fun Friday at the Apple Orchard

Kim and Allissa took the kids to the Apple Orchard, and to the Pumpkin patch yesterday. Here is a review of their day out! The Apple Orchard:
Looks like Zac is learning how to pick up other girls~~better watch that Valerie, LOL The Pumpkin Patch:Later that afternoon, Kim took the kids to fly their kites, they loved it too!!
Tacos for dinner and topped the night off with rootbeer floats~~They slept like babies!! LOL