Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday night was Kyla's dinosaur night at school. Kyla, Kaleb, Kim and I went to check it out. Outside her room all their dinosaur's were hung up. Each child got to take it home and decorate it. There were all kinds and they were very creative. Now we know our competition for next yr, lol Kyla's is the 3rd row down, on the purple/pink paper. Her classroom was very cute. This is her teacher Mrs Kitson:They each had made a dinosaur head and they were hung up on clothesline. Each of the kids got to mold and make their own dinosaur and paint it.Kyla's is the one with the blue head, with all the legs out flat. I assume it was resting at the time :-) A big letter D for dinosaur with polka dots and dinosaurs stamped on it.A dinosaur made from paper plates with a story under it. Kyla has a very good friend in her class named Raylea and Kyla's story was about a girl named Raylea and when I read Raylea's~her story was about a girl named Kyla LOL it was too funny. Here we have dinosaur fossils~~ And dinosaur eggs, which is really a soap ball and once she uses it, she will find a special surprise inside~~ And last Mrs Kitson had a volcano that would erupt when she poured this liquid stuff into it. It was pretty cool. We all had fun at school and Kyla has learned alot about dinosaurs. It is fun to go to their classroom and see all their work and where they sit etc. She really likes school and is doing really good too.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kyla's school project

Kyla had a project to do for school. She has this dinosaur that she is to decorate anyway that she wants. They are studying them in school and Thursday night is dinosaur night.
So, we got all the needed supplies, Hannah Montana glue, scissors, hot glue gun, paper, crayons and jewels, cuz this is going to be a girly dinosaurShe colored it green and she has a animal zebra print dress on. Dinosaur high heels, and a princess crown, a pink flowered necklace and she went wild putting jewels everywhere. lol She chose purple/pink paper to glue it to.Here is the final dinosaurShe is very proud of it and it has to be the award for the girliest dressed!! I told her to spray some of moms perfume on it on the morning before she leaves just to add that "special" touch LOLWith the left over stuff, she made herself a bracelet and glued a heart to paper for I have no idea but she thinks it is neat.
Kaleb is a little under the weather so he just laid on the couch which gave us good time to get this made. I will get pics at her school Thursday night.
She said to show Uncle Tom too.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The latest pictures of Zac

Here is Zac hard at work on his puter.... Yah, What????He is getting brave and standing on his own with the help of furniture of course.Actually he was getting wobbly and about to fall over and he doesnt even realize it. lolJake is so patient with Zac and lets him climb all over him.And the cute face of JakeValerie claims that Zac is on all 4's and about ready to crawl but we havent seen it yet. You know how you want him to do it for someone and they never do it when you want them too? LOL He sure is cute though.