Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Kaleb

Today, August 18th Kaleb is 5 yrs old. Kim safely taped him in his room. He saw it in the morning and since Kim was working he didn't want to tear it down so he climbed ever so gently under the streamers all day to get in and out of his room :-)
The presents sat in the DR waiting for Mom to get home this afternoon. He kept saying, I really, really, really want to open his gifts, he was dying!! Then we hear the garage opening and Yah!! Mom was home. In mear minutes, they were all opened and we had one Happy Birthday boy!! He got Rescue rangers, angry bird sheets, angry bird pillow, an angry bird wallet w/ money, target gift card, puzzles, a penguin dream light and lots of other stuff too.
Then it came time to tear down the streamers!!
Uncle Jon and Ruth were here for Pizza for dinner and cake for dessert. Kim had made a camouflage cake and it was really good. We had put the relighted candles on it and as he blew they kept relighting, LOL The more he blew, pretty soon he was blowing spitting and we weren't really sure if we wanted any cake, so he HAD to stop. LOL It was funny though.
They also went to Magic Waters with a bunch of friends, so all in all, he had a great birthday and he is now sound asleep in his new Angry bird sheets, angry bird pillow and his dream light shining on the ceiling. They look so cute they look when they are sleeping!!

The Boone County Fair

We had our county fair last week. Kim had taken the kids to the fair but they wanted to go again so I took them again. We did go through the buildings to see all the booths. When Kim had the kids there, they were collecting pens for Kim for work. So when I took them through the booths, Kyla is grabbing pens like they are going outta style. She is telling the people that her mom is collecting pens and I am sure they thought that it was me. She would take some and she would have Kaleb take some too. I mean it was getting embarrassing LOL and now we have a TON of pens LOL I figured I better get them out of the booth building. So we headed to the animals. We didn't see all the animals but we did see the cows. They are so pretty with their black spots.
This little girl was fast asleep with her cow pillow and sleeping against her cow. She just woke up so we asked if we could get her picture, LOL cuz it was still cute!!
Kim said they could ride 1 ride a piece, so Kaleb choose the motor boats deal. We could use one of these in our yard and it would keep the kids busy all the time LOL
A wave!!!
LOOK!! No hands!!
Couldn't go and not get pictures of the tractors. They were huge and they loved climbing on them and we don't know if they were suppose to be or not but....oh well!!!

This was Kyla's ride. I don't know the name of it but you stand up and it goes up and around. You can tell she is growing up cuz last year it was the flying bees!!! LOL

We walked up and down the isles, got faces painted and after hot dogs, pizza, pop, nuts, ice cream and cotton candy and some treats for Jazzi we were on our way home!! LOL It was a fun day at the fair.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scottie Nail art

This nail art is really fun. I am always thinking of scottie stuff to make. I drew out a pattern on the wood and just nailed all around the pattern. I then just used embroidery criss-cross from nail to nail to make the dog. It was pretty easy and I really enjoyed it and I liked how it turned out and it fits great above my kitchen door.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kyla's 7th birthday

Kyla's 7th b-day was July 27th. Kim barricaded her into her room and YES....we let her out. I said "Wait, ummmm lets think about this first " LOL

Carrie and Jason and the boys came over for breakfast. Breakfast was chocolate cake with white frosting and ice cream~~its the breakfast of Champions ya know??
And the gifts came. Jess she LOVED both of your barbies!!
Angry birds shirt
lots more stuff....clothes, tosy, sheets,
And an American girl doll. It kinda has her same color of hair. She really wanted one and she got clothes to go with it, she got lots of money $103.00 to be exact. Grandpa was trying to get her to float him a loan, he said "Cant you help a grandpa out?? She said Nope!! LOL
It was a good day for her. Later in the day, Kim just let her keep her cell so she could take all her birthday phone calls!! LOL She got to go to lunch and dinner so all was good for her!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bailey's on the move!!

Bailey is on the  move with her crawling and is getting anywhere that she wants. She has so many places to explore and new things to see. She has found the kitchen and she decided to check out Jazzi's kennel and tried to get into it!!
The other day she was trying to pull herself up and she almost had it. I gave her just a tiny help and Whola!! She will be walking before long and then watch out!!! lol

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chambers Family Olympics

In honor of the Olympic spirit, on Wednesday we had our own family Olympics. Jazzi started it off with tooting of the horn!! Let the games begin!!
Kyla and I made torches for the athletics to carry. They say USA on them and each has a flame burning. They also had Red/White/Blue shakers with bells on them. Bailey is first in line..
Here comes Zac
Kaleb with his torch high in the air.....
And Kyla bringing it home!!
First, we had the standing broad jump and the running broad jump but I wasn't ready and missed those pictures. Zac is quite the jumper and he did really good job jumping!! After that, we had the high jump. They started off low and kept getting higher. We  have some good jumpers here.

Next, was the Hoop toss: They had to toss a stick of chalk in a hoop. 1 point for outside the hoop and 2 points - 5 points for getting it in a hoop. The farther hoops were worth more points.

We had the scooter challenge in between and around the cones. No accidents either!!

Next up was the Bowling Pin throw to see how far they could throw. If you look at the steps, you can see that Bailey was really interested in this, she was keeping a good eye out.

We also had hit the tree with the bowling pin. It looks easy but they found out that was not so easy. The pins on the ground were Kaleb's and Kyla's so Zac had it all figured out. He took his pin, ran up to the tree and hit the tree!! Good thinking Zac~~that's the way to do it!!
We didn't want to leave Bailey out, so she did the hula hoop sitting in a hula hoop, how talented is that???
Bailey maneuvered  the walker course and did just great!! Only thing is that we didn't think about the skinning of the toes, ooppss!! lol

We had a metals ceremony where they all got presented with the GOLD metals. They each received a trophy for a job well done!!

In September, Tyler and Molly will be here, so we can have a Fall shindig with some serious apple bobbin etc. Cant wait!!