Monday, April 30, 2012

Cubby's and Sparky's

Well...the Awana year is over. It was fun being with the kids and I have a really good group of kids. But I must admit t hat it will be nice to stay home on Wednesday nights again!! :-) Last Wednesday night Kaleb had his Cubby graduation. Cubby's is for 3 and 4 yrs old. He is going to Sparky's next year and will be with the big kids. I believe that there are 18 graduating into Sparks so we will have a big group next year.

This past Sunday night was Kyla's award night. They have about 13 kids moving on up. Sparks is from K-2nd grade so this next year will be Kyla's last yr in Sparks. She was getting a ribbon for finishing her book and she was sooo excited. They rode with us and she talked and talked and talked all the way there LOL Kyla is the last one on the very right side. Now if would  have sat on that side, you know that she would have been on the left side, LOL

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Guess what????

Guess what happened today???




Which means a visit from the Tooth Fairy!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tyler's Preschool

When I was in Texas, Jess and I were out running around and we stopped and picked up Tyler from preschool. I wanted to go in and see his room and have him show me things in his classroom. I do this for the kids and I think it is fun. He has several centers in the room.

Looks like a computer center and there are lots of books and toys. He showed me his drawings around the room.
We decided that this is a project that they are working on.  I am not sure just what yet, but I am sure it will be nice when it is all done.
This is Tyler's teacher Miss Donna. She seemed very nice and he really likes her. He is learning so much in school and can write his name and he tells you all about his day.
After school, we stopped at the Home Depot. Tyler loves these places and he can find a ton of things that he wants in here. His mean ole mom wouldn't even buy him any tape!! LOL

Monday, April 16, 2012

The progression of the Birthday cupcake

With Molly's party being lemonade, Jessica had lemon bars, lemon drops, fresh squeezed lemonade, ice-cream cone cupcakes for the kids and she made Molly her own big birthday cupcake. Enjoy the progression of the birthday cupcake presented by Molly.Happy first Birthday Molly!!Wasn't that just the cutest?? I do believe that she enjoyed her cupcake!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy BIrthday Molly

I was able to come down and be here for Molly's first Birthday. Its a lemonade party so of course she has to have her own lemonade stand. She is quite the business girl.
A little help from big brother Tyler. Mom, Dad and Molly.Jessica decorated the house really cute and had pictures of Molly out.
There was lots of food and it was very delicious. Everyone enjoyed the food. After eating, Molly got to open gifts. At first she didn't really know what to do but she got the hang real fast Ha! Jess had game for the kids, that us adults were anxious to see them play. They were each given a lemon and the game was to see who could suck on the lemon the longest. We were laughing about the funny expressions that we would see. Do you see any expressions?? That's cuz there weren't any!! They all just stood there and sucked on the lemons. The adults thought that this game was no fun!!
All the guest got jars to make their own lemon cookies!!
It was a very nice party and she had a great first birthday!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wedding shower game

This is a fun wedding shower game to play and we played it at my niece's wedding shower.
The answers are in the parenthesis.
1. A woman's work.....(is never done)
2. Happy wife.....(happy life)
3. Behind every great man.....(is a successful woman)
4. A happy man marries the girl he loves and a.....(happier man loves the girl he marries)
5. When the going gets tough...(the tough gets going)
6. A stitch in time....(saves nine)
7. The way to a man's heart.....(is through his stomach)
8. The path of true love....(never runs smooth)
9. Variety is.....(the spice of life)
10. A mans home is.....(his castle)
11. True love.....(conquers all)
12. Marriages are....(made in heaven)
13. A watched pot...(never boils)
14. If the shoe fits....(wear it)
15. A penny saved is.....(a penny earned)
16. Home is where.....(the heart is)
17. The kitchen is.....(the heart of the home)
18. A Happy house is.....(full of laughter)
19. When life gives you lemons....(make lemonade)
20. A thing of beauty is....(a joy forever)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Bowling trip

Jess, Tyler and Molly came to visit and it was so good to see them again. One of the things we did was take the kids bowling. They all have their own technique~while the girls sat and watched!!Tyler liked to climb on top of the ball thing while Kaleb liked to watch the ball come out of the ball thing. We made him move otherwise he would get smacked by the ball, LOL Soon enough they found the machines. But I think they all had fun at the bowling alley!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Kyla's Pink bedroom

The room Kyla was in was pretty plain so we decided to give her a new room. She LOVES Pink, so we knew that pink was the right choice. One wall is stripes and 3 three walls are the light Pink since Kyla is a Pink girl!! She wanted a Zebra comforter so I made this one and it is super warm in our cold winters here in IL.

The eyelet curtains were there originally, so I just splatter painted them with black to go with the room and added some bows for tiebacks and some different pink butterflies on the curtains. I made her little side table and on the front of it is a black chalkboard so she can be creative!! As you can see, I did the top with black polka dots. There are sprigs of green in the room and since Kyla loves shoes and purses so I made these shoes and purses and added them to the wall and I thinks that it adds that Special touch to the room. I made the shoes and purses out of foam and scrapbook paper and embelishments.This one wall had one lonely sad looking desk and she had pretty much out grown it. I wanted to make her a nice desk but too cheap to buy anything, LOL I had this bookshelf to the right, a LONG board and a unfinished nightstand. I knew I could come up with something~~it was a challenge for me!! So....with a little work, I painted the night stand to match the room, and designed a spiffy desk area for her to write and design at.
She has space for her books, hair Barrett's/headbands, her CD player/Cd's, and her desk supplies. There is a mirror to do her hair just her height. Plus now she has extra drawers for socks and whatnot!!
We added some cute hangy balls on the corner for color:
Her Aunt gave her these frames and we put them to use. Kyla has 2 stepsisters and 1 step brother so we will put their pictures in there as soon as we get current pictures.
For my last project, I had an old bulletin board and painted it with Magnet paint. Painted some flip flops to hold her notes on her magnet board and I found an old metal fabric lined purse in the basement which went just perfect. She keeps all her crayons in it and it works perfect.Now....If I cant find her, I just have to check her room and there she is. I have TONS of painted and colored pictures and I love them all!! LOL She loves her room and her desk.