Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jessica and Tyler come to visit~~

WOW!! I am way behind here, lol Guess I spend too much time on Jazzi's blog, I will try to catch up here.

Since Jess and Scott couldn't come for Christmas, Jessica and Tyler were able to come between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We always enjoy the time they can come and see us. Right away, Tyler found the toolbox and was tightening up the screws under the table. He's a very diligent worker, that's for sure:Kaleb had trouble sharing his toolbox and his Uncle Tom and his Grandpa. Luckily, I had 2 toolboxes so I split up the tools in each box and everyone was happy again. Kaleb did get used to sharing with Tyler.Jessica and Tyler got to see Baby Zac. Last time they were here in July, Tyler wasn't a fan of him but he liked him much better this time.We were able to get some Christmas pictures in front of the tree of the 3 kids with santa caps on and Zachary later with his santa cap.We even got brave and went and had all the grandkids pictures taken together. My sister had bought them all their outfits, and it was hard to get them all smiling at the same time!! Allissa and Zac:All 8 of the grandkids:And Kim, Jessica, Valerie and Tom:It turned out perfect that Jess came when she did because Tom found out that he would be graduating while she was here, so she got to see him graduate. That was cool and we are happy to say that Tom graduated without owing any school debt. After his graduation, we had a big pizza party and just hung out and had fun.
Jessica and Tyler both wanted snow while they were here, so we got snow alright. Being from Texas, they got pretty cold in it and Tyler looks like an Eskimo~~Jess pulled Tyler and Kyla in the sled~~ And Tyler got to make Snow angels~~While grandpa was out shoveling, he put Tyler on top of the car. I think he felt pretty cool up there!!The boys did play pretty good together. It gets better each visit and as they get older too. Kaleb has a slide going down his bunkbed and they both like going down the slide in wierd ways.
I had made Tyler a quiet book for him for the plane ride home. It had about 7-9 pages in it and it gave him something new for the plane.Tom bought his car while Jess was here too. He will be heading down to San Antonio right after Christmas and will be living with Jess and Scott for 3 months for his internship. The time went by so fast as it always does and so soon enough, Tom and I were taking them back to Ohare. But...on the way, Tyler was able to see his grandpa drive by in his car and he thought that it was pretty cool. I got a picture of the truck but wasnt fast enough for the tractor.

We made it to the airport in time and they got home safe and sound. We were glad that they were able to visit.