Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zac sleeps over!!

Last night, Zac spent the night. He sleeps in the pack and play in our room. For my kids, I usually didn't let them come and sleep in our bed, unless they were sick or something. This morning Zac woke up at 5:55 am. I wasn't ready to get up yet, so I let him stay in his bed hoping that he would go back to sleep. I hear a call for Mom!! several times~~No Mom. Then comes the call for Daddy several times~~No Daddy. I realized that he wasn't going to go back to sleep so...what did I do?? I got up and brought him back to bed with me!! The rule doesn't stand for the grand kids. LOL So, I brought him back to bed and since we have the water bed, I swished him back to sleep for another hour!! All I can say is~~Thank goodness for water beds!! :-)

At 7:00, Kim got him up and was getting Kyla ready for school. She was gonna take all the kids with her, She said things were going GREAT, lunch was made, all coats on and she was on time too. She loading in the van and discovered that she has a flat tire!! Don isn't home from work yet, and my car was in the shop. Luckily Uncle Tom was home and so he took Kyla to school, and he went to school from there. In the meantime, we have Kaleb crying cuz he cant go with Uncle Tom to take Kyla to school, and we have Zac crying cuz he cant go in Aunt Kim's van. Kim fed them some yummy pancakes and they were Happy again.

Now, my car is back from the shop, Don is home changing the tire and so I think all is well in the Chambers World again!! What a morning!! LOL Here are pictures from Grandpa changing the tire.

"Here grandpa, can I use this???Hey Grandpa, Can we both be of assistance?? please??? We are good helpers!!! really!!
Well, this is what Grandpa thought of our help!! How rude!! LOL
Thanks to Kaleb and Zac, the tire is changed and now they can have some serious R & R!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Now 4 hoops!!

Kyla got a Hula Hoop for her birthday. She picked it up really fast and she could make it go fast and slow, up and down. It was fun to watch her. She could even do it while roller-skating, how cool is that?? Well....now she has moved on to 4 Hoops. She thinks it is so much fun and we still like to watch her. Sometimes, the hoops are together and sometimes apart.
We told her that High School has a band, cheerleaders, a dance team,and flag girls. If they ever have Hula Hoopers, then she is their girl!! LOL Here is a video of Kyla Hula Hooping. ENJOY!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Oasis!!

Today (Saturday) we all headed to the Oasis. Don was on his way home and they have seats along the windows so you can see the truck and cars go under the Oasis.We were on a misson to see Grandpa!! We made a big sign to hang up on the window:I didnt know but it was kinda hard to hang the sign. If we would have gotten there earlier we could have done it. Lesson learned for next time. When he as getting near us, we were all waving and he waved to us too. Don told them sometime, he can pull off and then they can sit in the truck and see it up close!!
Tyler, when you come, we will take you to the Oasis to see Grandpa too and have breakfast there ok?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Spaghetti slurp!!

Tonight we had spaghetti and Kaleb's favorite~Watermelon. He had several helpings of Watermelon but wasnt eating his spaghetti, so we played the slurp the noodle up. He would hang it way out and then slurp it up really fast. The way he was doing it was so funny, that we both were sitting there just cracking up!! ROFL I was laughing at him and he was laughing at me!! It was funny.He ended up finishing all his spaghetti. Note: It is Friday and he still has his Cubbies vest on LOL It has been on day and night. He let me wash it after dinner, only....so he could wear it again on Saturday!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Kyla and Kaleb are going to Awana's at my church this year. We go on Wednesday nights and I am working there with the program too. Kyla is a Sparky and Kaleb is a Cubbie. They have game time, story/song time and verse time to say their verses. At first, they got a pamphlet and have to learn a verse before they were able to get their first official book and vest. Well, Wednesday night, they bot got their book and vests!! They were sooo excited about it. They look like they are in pain but...they really aren't LOLWhen they got ready for bed, they both wore their vests to bed and slept with their books!! Kyla's book has a CD with it to listen too and so she went to bed listening to her CD. Thursday, Kaleb wore his vest all day and kept his book with him at all times, LOLSince Kyla had to go to school, her vest and book was waiting in the van for as soon as she got in the van. She wore it for the rest of the day.
Kaleb is spending the night at Zac's house and the vest went with him!! LOL Next week, is parents week, so maybe we have some pictures of that night.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Funny Boy

Kim was sorting out the kids clothes and packing some away that dont fit etc. Kaleb found his Easter cars tie and matching socks and wore them with his green plaid shirt. He also found some goggles with no glass in them and he was thinking that he is Mr Joe Cool!!
He had so much fun just making faces and being funny all day. We just had to laugh at him.
It gets better when he decides to get out his rollerskates and is zipping round the house.
Things were going pretty good and he was having quite a fun time. I dont know what he did to his Mom but something with his fun landed him right in the timeout spot!! Note by this time, he had exchanged his rollerkates for his fireman boots and matching hat!! LOL WHAT a day!

Kyla's First day of School

Kyla's first day of school was August 18 th. She was excited about it and her teachers name is Mrs. Wisely. She had been to see her room and was all set to go the first day. We all had to have pictures with the new Kindergartner the first day:
Here she is: She did wonderfully, has met a friend named Kate. She has to be at school at 7:3O and that hasn't even been a problem for her. She wasn't a morning person but now she is. Know what she did the first Saturday off school?? Woke up at 6:30!!! They cant seem to sleep in on the weekends. This a time, that I am glad that I am not the Mom, I just say go up to your mom's room, LOL The first couple weeks, you would ask her how school was and she said she didn't want to talk about it!! and.....she wouldn't talk about it but she is getting better now.

She has been learning alot and starting to learn to read. Her first sentence she read was "I see a cat!!" Whoa!! we were all so excited and it is really neat to hear her learn to read more words and learn to spell them. Of course we tell her she is learning so much because her teacher is soo Wise!! (Mrs Wisely)

A couple weeks into school, they had school pictures. She wore the dress that her Aunt Linda gave her. The dress is short sleeved but it was kinda cool that day so she had to wear her sweater over it. We all gave her smiling lessons because her and Kaleb always look like they are in pain when they smile LOL So we will see how the pictures come out pretty soon.She is enjoying school and she has to read 300 min a month, and has homework everyday and practice sight words, etc. Kim and I are like Man!! this is alot of work for Kindergarten. LOL

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Color Yellow

We are working with Kaleb to make sure he learns all his colors, numbers and letters. Kim copied off a school's curriculum and we are kinda going by that. This month we have been working on the color Yellow. We have yellow streamers up, he has been eating with yellow cups, plates, silverware. He has made lots of yellow papers and he does NOT like the color Yellow, so he wont say the color when you ask him. Sat. we made yellow cupcakeswith yellow frosting. They turned out good but when you ask him what color it is, he says white or blue. I know he knows the color cuz one time he accidentally answered with the correct answer then changed it real quick!! ha!October we move to Orange/Black so he will like those colors better. I heard him in his room counting to 15 the other day so he is learning. We havent attempted letters yet.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kaleb's Birthday Party

Kaleb had his Birthday August 18th. We had egg casserole for breakfast with his candles. He opened ours and his Moms gifts on his birthday. He got his talking Woody doll that he has wanted. A new baseball helmet to play ball with. Geezzz he didn't even have the helmet on when the invisible bat incident happened LOLAs you can tell Toy Story and Woody was the theme here. He got Woody sheets, a Woody comforter, Woody books, Woody and Buzz light year pajamas and a couple other Woody things.He got to go to lunch with his Mom and he had a busy and fun day on his Birthday.
Then on the weekend, the rest of us all got together to celebrate his Birthday. More gifts, YAY!!He got some games,and play dough. Jess and Scott got him a horse for his Woody and a Toy Story book and from Tom he got his own Woody outfit. This was definitely the year of the Woody!!I guess a couple days of parting was too much for him. This is where we found him that night!! It is rough to turn 3 yrs old!! LOL