Friday, June 29, 2012

Changeable picture frame

I found this idea on Pinterest and I thought that it was really cool. You just take an old frame which I just happen to have. I tried several things but ribbon worked best for me. I drilled holes on the side and made 4 rows of ribbon. Now I can hang pictures of everybody and when I get new ones, I just take them down and pin new ones up. It fits perfect in my kitchen.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Molly scooting

When we were on vacation with Scott and Jess we got to see Molly's way of scooting around. It is so cute and we have never seen anyone scoot like that. She manages to get to where she wants to go though. Thought you might like her scooting:
So without further adoo.....Molly!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My laundry room redo

I have a blog that I read regularly. It is Organizing made Fun. I love this blog and it has sooo many organization and decorating ideas. So. after reading and gathering ideas, I finally decided to revamp my laundry room. I have had this sad laundry room and I wanted to spruce it up and cover this ugly whole in the wall from some work we had done. It was painted sage green last year.

These are the flowers that I am using in the room so I chose the pink and dark purple from it.
I painted strips on with pretty perfect straight lines.
I covered foam board with scrap book paper to cover where the pipe goes up from the dryer and arranged my shelf neatly. I have my helpful hints/cleaning books there and a basket for dryer balls, and misc stuff.
The side wall has a shelf too and I keep blankets, towels and added some decorations to see out.
I needed something for the opposite side wall, so I made this Laundry sign. I just took wood, covered it with scrapbook papers with the same colors. I added hooks so we can hang some things to dry. I really like it
I made this to cover up that ugly hole in the wall. I wanted something whimsical and something funny to add that "Special" touch. This lady loves to garden but has NO time for the horrible laundry. She had tons of shopping to do, lol

It took alot of time and I am happy with it .

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Childrens Museum

Don and I drove to Indianapolis and picked up Scott and Jessica and the kids at the airport. We got our hotel, looked around a bit and then we went to the Children's Museum. It is 4 floors and there is lots of stuff for kids to do and see. Tyler and Molly had fun as you will see in the pictures.
This was an old rail car:
 We found Lego land and there were tons of cool things made with Lego's: It is amazing how people can build all these things. Somebody has a really cool job!!
 Hey! I tried my hand at making a cool car and here is my creation. I think it looks just as good as those others right??? LOL
The Lego race car
This was a castle that kids could crawl under and look like they were inside.
Molly loved the fishies
I liked the red bug!!
Tyler and Molly pics.
It was a fun day and we all enjoyed the Children's museum even if we weren't the kids LOL

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A best garage sale find

Thank goodness for Garage sales. Kim, me and the kids went to some garage sales. We just found bits and pieces until she drove by one garage sale and she spotted this. It is the Rescue Hero command station. I didnt even notice it when we drove by it but Kim noticed it right away, turned around and we checked on it. It was $10.00 but with the 2 of us we got the guy down to just $4.00. LOL  Kaleb loves it and has played with it for hours. Kim said, "It is sad that her life has come down to recognizing the rescue hero command station" LOL

Zac loved it too and on Valerie's way home she saw one along the road for Free!! They were throwing it away and it came with about 3 other things too. She always has to be the showoff!! LOL

Friday, June 1, 2012

Our mini wienie roast

Being from Oklahoma, I really loved the family wienie roast's that we used to have. It was always a fun time. I get in moods for them now and again. Today I decided to have a mini wienie roast, LOL Kim told me about putting charcoal in a clay pot and bam!!  So we put it to the test. It took a bit to get the fire going and the hotdogs were a bit slow going.

It was so slow that we had to go to plan B!!  But Hey! they cooked awhole lot faster.

The hotdogs were really good and then we roasted marshmallows. Just had a couple of them catch on fire, LOL These were the really HUGE marshmallows too.
After dinner, we took a walk, got ice-cream from our ice-cream truck in the neighborhood, made shadows (our header) and so it was quite an evening!!