Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bracelet Holder

I have been searching for a very unique bracelet holder. I love wearing braclets and I need a place
to keep them. My sister made me this little quilt piece and I think the ladies on it are just cute. I decided to kinda make something to kinda go with it. I had a bud vase around the house, a round ball for a head, cut down an old stick, added some hair and designed a face. Here ya go. I just have to pick up the head, and grab the bracelet and I am off. I think she turned out cute, a little weird, but I like her, LOL

Friday, February 3, 2012

Molly and Tyler

Jessica had Tyler's 4 yr and Molly's 9 month pictures taken. I love the feet one, I think it is so cute!!
Molly is just way to cute here too and I love her brown hair.
Tyler's picture is in the header and here is one of them together. We cant wait to see them in March hopefully!!