Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kyla's 6th Birthday

Kim and the kids have been staying at Valerie's house for a few days for me to rest. They did stop by this morning so we could see the Birthday Girl and she was all decked out with her Birthday crown on and her Princess Birthday sash on. They had a special breakfast in the morning with candles and they were headed off for an exciting day of lunch, naps, then out to dinner tonight and probably gifts. We will ALL be celebrating Sunday evening with a pizza party and she will get more gifts then too. So have a HAPPY 6th Birthday Kyla!! You look sooo cute!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

FUN at the Pool!!

We have been making good use of the Belvidere pool especially with the HOT weather. Kaleb is happy here, it is just that the sun was so bright that he couldn't open his eyes LOL
Little Zac loves the water and loves to splash.
There is a low and high diving boards. Kyla was brave enough to go off the low board with no problem.Then Allissa talked her into going off the high dive. I couldnt believe that she actually did it!! Allissa went first, a couple of times:And...then She did it!! and...she LOVED every moment of it...and then you couldnt keep her off the high dive LOL We all had a blast and we all came home nice and red and best of all.....COOL!! LOL

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer baseball

It's kinda hard to see with this bucket on, Where did the ball go??
Ok, better now, I am ready!!HOMERUN!!!! Kaleb whacked it!! KYLA!!! You cant hit the ball with your eyes closed!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Our vacation to Texas

In June, we all left and drove to San Antonio to see Scott and Jess and the grand kids and to meet little Molly. Linda and Ed flew in ahead the day before we got there. We got all packed up and the kids were ready to roll. Even the barbies were strapped in nice and tight!! So, with me, Don, Kim, Kyla, Kaleb and Jazzi we hit the road. We spent the night but it is still always a long drive to get there. We finally arrived and Grandpa got to meet little Molly. She was very cute and still pretty small and still has all that dark hair.
We kept a pretty busy schedule when we were there. We went down to the River walk and shopped and rode the boats and had a really nice lunch at a Mexican place on the River walk. The boys played together pretty well and I made the girls matching dresses:
We also did Sea World too. It was alot of fun and a pretty HOT day!! The Sea lion show was the first one that we saw. They were really cute and funny. It is amazing how they train them. This is a Mommy sea lion with her baby and she will give it a kiss!!I love to feed the dolphins. I just think that they are pretty cool and they are friendly especially when you have fish in your hands, LOL Next up was Shamou and that is always a good show too. These whales are so pretty and fun to watch. There is a splash zone and Linda said Lets sit in the splash zone. Now, I have always wanted to sit there but I know no one will ever sit with me, so I jumped at the chance and Kyla and Kaleb said they would sit with us too. The show was awesome
The section across from us was getting splashed so I knew we would be next.And....sure enough we were!! And...we got SOAKED!! Now, Kaleb was smart and he ducked down and didn't get as wet as the rest of us did.Kyla was not a big fan of getting wet after all plus the water was salty. She wanted her Mom, LOL But..I thought that it was a fun experience!!Molly entertained us by giving us a sad look. She really gets her lip out there but she doesn't cry, just teases us. Then in a moment, she will give us a Happy Smile!! It was so cute and she did her first laugh at her Grandpa.While we were there, we had a birthday party for Scott and Tyler. He got lots of gifts and we had a birthday cookie.
Kyla got to show Aunt Linda how well she reads. It was a busy week and soon it was time to start our way back to Ill. Our last pictures with Tyler and Molly. It is always hard to say goodbye the kids~~they need to move a little closer hint hint!!
We left there and made our way to Kansas to see Linda's house remodel. This is what it used to look like:And this is what it looks like now. Such a difference and it WOW-ed all of us. It is so pretty on the inside and so much more room. And of course, Linda has it decorated really cute. We all really liked it.Cousin Brian took Kyla and Kaleb to the lake to go swimming and to dinner at Mc Donald's while the rest of us went to the underground salt mine. Now I am not a fan of mines, cuz I always think what if it falls in, or what if something happens, is there another way out?? This mine if like way underground and you take this elevator was down. I must admit I was nervous but it did turn out to be interesting once you got there. We had to wear helmets and carry an air-tank and luckily didn't have to use the air tank, LOLLater that day, everyone got to ride the riding lawn mowers. We all rode and the kids had fun on them. Too bad the blades weren't down, we would have had it all mowed, LOL
They had a special surprise for us~~A wienie roast!! The Robinson's always had them when I would spend the summers there, so I thought this was a great idea and a very nice surprise. It was a hot day and with a hot fire, I didn't remember so much hot when I was a kid, LOL The hotdogs were delicious though!! Then for another surprise!! SMORES!!! That was fun too!! It was just fun sitting on the back porch looking out at the country and talking. Time went way too fast and it was time to head home. We had a great time in Texas and in Kansas. I have decided that both of you have to move closer to ILL. LOL All packed up and it always amazes me how much can actually be packed into a van LOLBesides the flat tire on the way home, we made it just fine!! LOL