Friday, November 25, 2011

Sleep over time and playing in the leaves

After Halloween night, I thought that a sleep over would be fun with all the kids. My grandma Robinson had them for us and we all had fun. Kim and I LOVE this picture, can you guess why?? means that they are sleeping and that means QUIET!!! Dont they look just so cute here?? ANGELS!!
The next morning was cartoons:
Then we decided to play in the leaves. I dont think leaves really fall in San Antonio, so Tyler had fun playing in the leaves. Lets say they were all covered with leaves but they had FUN!! There was a little game of Grandpa, where are we??? And before he goes to bed, Hey Grandpa, Can we walk up your legs? Just one more time????
They had fun and they all slept very good that night!! LOL

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Crafts

These are a few Christmas gifts that I made. These are just 5X7 frames. I cut a piece of sparkly paper and used buttons to turn into ornaments, and added Merry Christmas out of beads.
This one is scrapbook paper cut into tree shape and decorated with buttons, sequins etc. They are both very easy to make.
I always have fun when I can use my saw. :-) Just cut the J and the Y and used a big bell for the O.
Attach a few buttons, bows etc and whola!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Halloween

We went to Valerie's for pizaa on Halloween. They have a ton of trick or treaters over there than at our house. Here are the 2011 costumes...TaDa!!
Kyla and Kaleb. A little witchy huh?? We told Kaleb to give us a mean serious, I mean business SWAT look and he is the perfect one to do that!! LOL Tyler was the contruction working guy. After all he LOVES tools and taking things apart and putting them back together again. It was the perfect costume for him.
Molly was the adorable lil pumpkin!! The smiles and brown hair topped this pumpkin off!!
Zac was the UPS man and Valerie took him out that day around places and to see people so he made a haul before trick or treating.
Every UPS guy needs a package and so here is his package!! Little Bailey with a pink bow on top. On the front it says: FRAGILE, Handle with care, has a mailing label to Mom and Dad and a angel postage stamp. On the back it says This Side UP with an arrow!! LOLValerie didnt even need a costume, her shirt says it ALL!!!All the kids got skeletons jammies. I thought that they were just adorable. The bones glow in the dark and Kim found them skeleton gloves too!! Jazzi was a skeleton last year so she fits in perfect!!After Halloween, all the kids were coming over for a sleep over so stay tuned!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bailey's baby shower

On Sunday afternoon we had a Baby shower for Valerie and Bailey. Grandpa got to hold Bailey before he got sent downstairs to watch all the boys for a few hours. He was thrilled about that job!! LOL
A nice diaper cake: My sister made her a fireman quilt. She made one for Zac when he was born and Valerie used it some but she wanted to use it more for Bailey, so Valerie wanted Linda to make Zac a different quilt. He loves Fireman so hence the fireman quilt. It is so cute and Valerie loved it. As soon as Zac came upstairs after the shower, he laid on it and rolled up in it. He has used it every night since then. It has fire hose, Dalmatian dog, firetruck, ladder, fire tank, and several other fireman tools on it. It turned out GREAT!!
She got a TON of clothes and items that she needed. Everyone had a good time. I did make something for a keepsake for Bailey. I had seen this for a wedding gift. I drew a tree and put Bailey's picture in the heart in the middle and had everyone leave their finger print on the tree. I thought that this was perfect since it was fall time and leaves are falling plus they are colors that are in Bailey and Zacs room. They even enjoyed making their print. I had another sheet that goes behind the picture where they left their finger print again and then they signed their name next to their fingerprint, so that Valerie knows who was there and who's finger print was who's!!

Here's a game that we played. See if you can match up the answers:
How a Baby relates to Candy
Choosing baby’s name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Whatchmacallit
1. Game to play when up with the baby~~~~~~~~Runts
2. Girl’s name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Milky Way
3.Twin boys~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Milk Duds
4. Hospital Address~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pop Rocks
5. Epidurals~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Peppermint Patty
6. Nice bath time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Smarties
7. 11 pound babies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hugs and kisses
8. Babies laundry pile~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fun Dip
9. Seeing your baby for the 1st time~~~~~~Crunch
11. Postpartum tummy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mike and Ike
12. Time alone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nerds
13. Baby giggles~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sugar daddies
14. Lullabies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~100 Grand
15. Teething~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mounds
16. Preemie babies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5th Avenue
17. Loving your baby~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 Musketeers
18. Cool mom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Life Savers
19. Breast feeding~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Baby Ruth
20. Hospital accountants~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Good and Plenty
21. Grandpa’s~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Snickers
22. Super daddy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jelly Belly’s
23. Dirty diaper~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tic Tac (toe)
24. Babies intelligence~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tear Jerkers
25. Hospital Bills~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Whoppers

Pumpkin cutting night

I am so far behind here that it isnt even funny LOL A few days before Halloween Jessica, Tyler and Molly were able to come and visit for a few days. We were all very excited for them to visit. Jazzi kept wanting to kiss her and Addy did good with them once she got over her excitement of 2 more kids. Molly has grown so much even since Sept. She sits up all by herself and he smiles are so cute and I love all that dark hair, it is very pretty. Tyler just hung out with the boys and we didnt see a whole lot of them lol
We had the family pumpkin cutting night, Jason, Valerie and the kids were over for dinner and cut the pumpkins. Kaleb and Tyler arent really into getting their hands all gooey, so they spray painted their pumpkins with chalkboard paint so they could draw on them with chalk. Everybody else dug right in and cleaned out the pumpkins.

Pretty soon a pumpkin fight broke out between Tom and Valerie. Pumpkin junk was flying everywhere and it was funny to watch. Valerie keeps thinking that she could take Tom like she used to but he is much stronger and she usually gives. lolKim roasted the seeds and they were soo good. It turned out to be a fun evening and we have several days of stuff to show you.