Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The first phone call

Over Thanksgiving break we had to teach Kyla her phone number. Allissa made each number on a sheet of paper, and we hung them up on the wall. We would go over it and then take down a number until all the numbers were down and then she knew it. Well, it worked and she knows her phone number perfectly.
At school today she gave her phone number to her friend Haylen. Tonight the phone rang and it was her friend. This was Kyla's first phone call, LOL Here she is taking her call.... and talking.....
and talking.........and talking......

She is a girl that knows how to talk very good on the phone LOL Kim is just glad that it isnt a boy calling yet in kindergarten LOL

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our First Big Snow!!

We had a great Thanksgiving~~
*had 19 people over....
**accidently cooked the turkey upside down, but it made the while meat more tender, so
from now on the turkey will be cooked upside down...
***I had Valerie mix up the flour/water for the gravy and well...she added the drippings from
the turkey to it and shook it and it EXLODED!! all over her face, clothes and the kitchen...
****had a great game of spoons...
*****and ate way too much good food

So since then we have been on a lull. But....we did have our first Big snowfall Friday night. The kids were chompin at the bit to go outside and play. They kept buggin their mom and I said let them go play. Her only complaint was that it takes 30 min to get them all dressed and then they play 10 min or so, LOL I explained, you let them run and play, bring them in, feed them or give them a nice cup of Hot Chocolate and they will sleep like babies!!! Soo....they went and played outside. We put Kyla right to work shoveling...
I did have a slight mishap. I was coming down the steps and on the last step and it was a bit slippery but I didnt fall. Jazzi was out on her chain and my foot got tangled and I thought I got untangled only to find myself more tangled and then it happened. I went forward and landed face first right in the snow. LOL Camera went lens first in the snow too. Kim said What are you doing?? LOL Luckily she didnt have the camera cuz it wasnt a pretty sight!! LOL Anyway, the rest of the pictures will be slightly fuzzy due to the snow.
They had a blast....and their cheeks were rosy red and YES....they slept like babies!! LOL
Tyler, we cant wait to play with you in the snow!!
Friday was the first day we saw this~~~The SNOWPLOW!!! LOL

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here, fishy..fishy..fishy!!!

We all made a trip to Walmart and the kids had to see the fish. After them hitting the glass, I figure that they all traumatized the fish LOL

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Trot

We need Turkeys for our Turkey trot. I traced their hands and we turned them into turkeys. They did turn out to look pretty cool.
Kaleb~~ Kyla~~
Jazzi~~ Here they all are on the window, looking very turkeyish!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cookie turkeys

The kids love cookies so we decided to make sugar turkey cookies. I traced their hand prints on the dough, baked it and then they decorated them. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A peacock

This yr. Kyla is in Kindergarten. When my kids were in Kindergarten there was alot of game time, story time, snack time and even nap time etc. Well not now days. They do and learn alot and have homework every night, reading to do everyday and it is alot of work for Kim sometimes. Kyla had a project of disguising this Turkey so he wouldn't be caught for Thanksgiving and be creative!! I don't know how my camera took this sideways so you just have to look at a sideways turkey LOL
We toyed with the idea of a sheep, a ballet dancer, a monster and then we came up with a Peacock. I had some real feathers that I got from an Aunt that raises Peacocks and so we cut them down and she made a Peacock. We thought that he looked pretty darn cute.
But Kim and I were sitting there laughing~~wondering how many kids would come in with a peacock with "real" feathers!! LOL Turns out another kid made a Peacock too but not with real feathers LOL
Her teacher said that she really liked it!! I have a good feeling that this Turkey won't be for dinner next Thursday!! ;-)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat!! That was what Zac learned this year to get some...c-a-n-d-y!! Oh and...Valerie taught him to say Thank-you!! By day he was Charlie Brown and a cute one at that!!
Come time to get ready, he turned into a adorable puppy! He even wolfed for us!!
Give him a microphone and he is a singin fool!! LOL Kaleb was a pit crew worker this year and had a nifty speaker phone attached to his cap. He was the Top guy with that!!Kyla was a Beautiful Butterfly. I made the wings and she painted them all pretty colors. You will notice that they have alot of pink/purple/blue cuz those are her favorite colors.
Here is right before they were gonna go~~and they brought home a whole punkin full of candy!!! only for them though~~wink, wink~~

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Halloween Walk

Friday was a very busy day!! At Meehan, they have a school parade where they march around the school twice. This is her class's banner, Mrs Wisley's class.
Kyla is a beautiful Butterfly~~
The wings are kinda hanging low~~Just a small adjustment that I had to make when she got home that day.
From 4-6 pm they got to go to the HS for a Halloween Walk.
The different clubs, took a hall and decorated it with cool decorations. One hall had trash bags over the lockers (they have short lockers) from side to side and made like a haunted hallway:
They had games to play like ball toss, bouncing ball in the bucket, hopscotch, pumpkin pickw/the number on the bottom, frisbee pickup w/the number on the bottom.
This must have been left over from Homecoming. It was a dead E-rab and they stuffed it with candy and they were like surgically removing the candy with tongs. These students wore Dr. outfits.And of course, they had face painting. Kaleb got a bat and Kyla got a butterfly. It was a food idea and all the kids were having fun.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin carvings!!

Not too much has been going on lately, so we have been on a lull~~ But now since it is almost Halloween, we have PUMPKINS!!!! Kaleb doesnt like the mush and getting dirty so he is getting it cleaned out seed by seed!! LOL Kyla on the other hand loves to play and squish all the insides~~
TADA!!! We have Pumpkins!!!!