Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kaleb's preschool

On August 17th Kaleb started preschool. He has some crafty teachers too. These were projects that were made for the kids, a paper backpack with candy in it and they had a balloon a few days before school started. This was sent to Kim annoucing school and all the details and it is all handmade.Now....comes the first day of school: Kim took him and he walked right in the room and never even looked back LOL This is Kaleb's own personal cubby and he has a coat hook below the cubbies.
I picked Kaleb up after school and so he took me in and showed me around his classroom. This is the table where he sits.After I took Kaleb's picture, Zac sat down and wanted his picture taken too. Zac loved being there and wanted to play with all the toys LOL
Here are the centers that are in his room:
Kale loves it so far and is ready to go back again even after the weekend off so that is good. I think he is going to have a good year there this year.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kyla starts 1st grade

Last Wednesday, Kyla started 1 st grade. She was quite excited and one of her good friends Kate is in her class.She wanted to go in all by herself and had no problems finding her room etc. She comes out and walks to the car, she doesn't want anyone coming up and getting her, that is so kindergartenish!! Her 1st 3 days of school were good. They had FUN and she was enjoying it totally. BUT......on Monday guess what came home with Kyla?????

A list of about 8 SPELLING words!! LOL

And to make matters worse, mean ole Mom was making her write them 5 times each. There were tears shed, she didnt want to do homework!! LOL She finally stopped crying and decided just to do the writing. Oh! the beginning of the homework battles!! LOL

Kaleb's 4th Birthday

Thursday was Kaleb's 4th Birthday and he had a really full day. He started off with gifts from Mom and Kyla in the morning: Bubble Gum...which he LOVES gum LOL
A big monster truck from Kyla which plays real good in our piles of dirt outside, LOL
A couple computer games for learning but Ssshhhh.....we aren't telling him that stuff, he thinks they are for Fun!!His very own piggy bank that came with a bag of money. Hey!! I want one of those bags for my birthday Kim Ha!He had candles in his egg casserole this morning and we all sang Happy Birthday!!
Kaleb and Kim met some friends for lunch at Mc Donald's and he really liked that. After Kyla got home from school, we had the official birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday again.After cake, he opened Grandma and Grandpas gifts for him. He ALWAYS wants to dress like a football player and so hence a brand new football with a stand so he can learn to kick it.
And I got brave and got him his own skateboard, LOL hey, Tom loved his, and it is wide enough that he can even sit on it. Kim knows that he is gonna kill himself with it, but I have confidence that he will learn to ride it safely LOL Although he was messing with it tonight and that darn skateboard attacked him and he was bleeding!! Once he learns, he will have plenty of fun. After that, Kim and the kids headed out to dinner and came home with leftovers, so we always like that!! All in all , he had a great birthday and he says he feels older already, LOL Oh, to be 4 again!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kyla's first grade Open house

Yesterday was Kyla's open house at school. Kim was sick, so I was able to take her to find her room. Her teacher is Mrs Byers as you can see, LOL Her teacher is really nice and she enjoyed meeting all her new kids and they are going to learn alot this year.Here is the school list:
Two of her friends are in the row behind her, a couple seats over so she is happy about that. She got all her supplies in her desk and I told her that she had to keep it nice and neat. The "look" was like yah, ok Grandma!! LOL to her this year are LOCKERS!! She doesn't know the girl that she shares with yet but being the social butterfly that she is, it wont take long, the really good news ever starts..... T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W!!! Not as if we are excited or anything LOL I told Kim, now she is learning why Moms LOVE the first day of school so much. LOL About a week later and Kaleb goes to pre-school!! Yay!!
On the sidenote: Kyla also learned how to tie her shoes!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

She learned it, she learned it

YAY!! Kyla has finally learned how to ride her bike. She got a new bike for Easter and she has been trying to learn but there has been lots of whines, and crys and I cants etc. Kim and Grandpa would run along side of her and she wobbled and bla bla bla... She wouldn't ever let me run along side of her cuz she said she knew that I would try and trick her and I would let go, and well....I would have LOL.Well.....the 2 weeks that Kim and the kids spent at Valerie's after my surgery, Kim took the bike over. They did find that the new bike was a little big and she couldn't touch really good, so they drug out her old one which already had the training wheels off of and Valerie worked with her and taught her to ride her bike. So the other day she took us all out and showed us how to do it. This pic is just after she started herself.....and she is zipping right along and turning the corners even, How about that?? She was thrilled to be able to finally ride her bike. Guess the new one will wait until next summer so she can get a bit taller LOL Hey Valerie!! Kyla has 8 days in which to learn to tie her own shoes, are you available???

Friday, August 5, 2011

We got Dirt for the garage

That's right, we have dirt and a BIG pile of it!! The kids love climbing it being the kids of the hill!! LOL Don is going crazy with a big pile of dirt killing his grass!! LOL and plus a big board fell during the storm the other night and none of us noticed it and guess what? By the time we saw it, it had killed all the grass. I didn't get a picture of it yet though. LOL Every time, he sees that he moans!! He saw this big pile when he went to bed the day that they were working on the garage.
So you can imagine the horror that he faced when he woke up that night to find:
ANOTHER Big hill of dirt~~killing more of his dirt, ROFL This one by the street! The kids love climbing this one too!! I told the kids that they can only climb the dirt hills when Grandpa is in bed, or I will hear Diana!! Get these kids off the dirt!!~~whenever they climb they are knocking more dirt all over the ground ROFL Can you hear it???
Tonight, he is like, "Oh my grass!!!" I said "don't worry we can get it all back to normal next spring and it will die this fall anyways", it didn't seem to help him feel much better LOL

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kyla's 6th birthday party

We all got together last Sunday night at Valerie's to celebrate Kyla's 6th birthday and have pizza and cake. She loved opening her gifts. She got lots of Barbies which she Loves!!! and....a special 6 yr old cake!! Now....I should tell you that right before we did cake, she fell while on the trampoline and hit her head on the bar, so she looks a little dazed but no permanent damage LOLA lit cake and Kyla with her ice pack and a bump above her right eye.Still re-cooping....
Zac decided to lighten up the party and kiss people with frosting all over his face. He was having so much fun kissing everyone!! I always try to get Allissa's picture and she turns her head on me, but I managed to get a couple quickies!! Isn't she cute??Pretty soon the kids were swimming and keeping cool.
It turned out to be a really nice party for Kyla and Kaleb is next on August 18th!!