Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our First Big Snow!!

We had a great Thanksgiving~~
*had 19 people over....
**accidently cooked the turkey upside down, but it made the while meat more tender, so
from now on the turkey will be cooked upside down...
***I had Valerie mix up the flour/water for the gravy and well...she added the drippings from
the turkey to it and shook it and it EXLODED!! all over her face, clothes and the kitchen...
****had a great game of spoons...
*****and ate way too much good food

So since then we have been on a lull. But....we did have our first Big snowfall Friday night. The kids were chompin at the bit to go outside and play. They kept buggin their mom and I said let them go play. Her only complaint was that it takes 30 min to get them all dressed and then they play 10 min or so, LOL I explained, you let them run and play, bring them in, feed them or give them a nice cup of Hot Chocolate and they will sleep like babies!!! Soo....they went and played outside. We put Kyla right to work shoveling...
I did have a slight mishap. I was coming down the steps and on the last step and it was a bit slippery but I didnt fall. Jazzi was out on her chain and my foot got tangled and I thought I got untangled only to find myself more tangled and then it happened. I went forward and landed face first right in the snow. LOL Camera went lens first in the snow too. Kim said What are you doing?? LOL Luckily she didnt have the camera cuz it wasnt a pretty sight!! LOL Anyway, the rest of the pictures will be slightly fuzzy due to the snow.
They had a blast....and their cheeks were rosy red and YES....they slept like babies!! LOL
Tyler, we cant wait to play with you in the snow!!
Friday was the first day we saw this~~~The SNOWPLOW!!! LOL

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