Friday, October 14, 2011

A finger print keepsake

I made this for my daughters baby shower as a keepsake gift. I took a piece of good art paper, sketched out a tree, branches and made a heart in the middle for the baby picture. I had different color stamp pads, and I chose the colors that would be in the baby's room. As the guests came, they made their fingerprint on the picture in whatever color that they wanted. I had another piece of  paper for the guests to put their print on that paper also and they signed their name next to their fingerprint~~that way my daughter could see who's print was whose. That paper just fit right behind the tree picture. No 2 fingerprints are the same, :-) My daughter really liked it and she has a keepsake for her daughter.
Here's a game that we played. See if you can match up the answers:
How a Baby relates to Candy Example:
Choosing baby’s name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Whatchmacallit
1. Game to play when up with the baby~~~~~~~~Runts
2. Girl’s name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Milky Way
3.Twin boys~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Milk Duds
4. Hospital Address~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pop Rocks
5. Epidurals~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Peppermint Patty
6. Nice bath time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Smarties
7. 11 pound babies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hugs and kisses
8. Babies laundry pile~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fun Dip
9. Seeing your baby for the 1st time~~~~~~Crunch 10.Triplets~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Symphony
11. Postpartum tummy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mike and Ike
12. Time alone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nerds
13. Baby giggles~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sugar daddies
14. Lullabies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~100 Grand
15. Teething~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mounds
16. Preemie babies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5th Avenue
17. Loving your baby~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 Musketeers
18. Cool mom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Life Savers
19. Breast feeding~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Baby Ruth
20. Hospital accountants~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Good and Plenty
21. Grandpa’s~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Snickers
22. Super daddy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jelly Belly’s
23. Dirty diaper~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tic Tac (toe)
24. Babies intelligence~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tear Jerkers
25. Hospital Bills~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Whoppers

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