Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bella's new dresses

One of Jazzi's friends needed some clothes made for her basset hound Bella. She is new to their family in the past several months and Sherri wanted her to have some dresses to wear to do some nursing home visits. Bella lives about 3 hrs or so from me so I offered to make them for Bella. She sent me a coat for a pattern and WOW!! was she big. Ha! I was just used to how small Jazzi is. She sent me 2 kinds of fabric, the pink and the purple and then I made a few more dresses out of fabric that I had so she would have a selection.
Here are the finished dresses: I was happy with how well they went together without not actually fitting Bella. I was kinda nervous when I mailed them hoping that they would fit!

They fit Bella good and here she is modeling the dresses.

Sherri says Bella loves to be dressed up and feels like a little princess. Bella likes to strut around in her dresses. Doesn't Bella looks so pretty and she has been able to make some nursing home visits. Sherri gave me some material for Jazzi, so I just need to get her a new dress made soon. You know how it goes, you make for others but it takes forever to make for yourself LOL

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  1. We had a little tip Bella was the feature on your blog today. How exciting is that. She is really getting to be a superstar. Thanks for placing her in the spot light with the wonderful dresses you make. She loves them and once things settle down with my fundraising event we hope to get out a lot more with her to show them off. Sherri and Bella