Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Punkpin cutting

Nothing like waiting for the last minute, LOL but we finally got the punkins cut. Kyla has always loved the goupy stuff and she did a great job cleaning hers out.
Kaleb on the other hand would prefer not to get dirty and he usually leaves when the punkins come out. But this year, he was so excited about cutting it that he was driving Kim and I nuts. I am like "Lets cut these, so he will be quiet" LOL Kaleb actually cleaned his out and before long......
He was playing with the goup too!! LOL Not alot but some. You can see by his look that he is not to sure about all of this LOL
Kim bought a fancy cutting set with special eyes and patterns. TADA!! The finished punkins!!

Punkins lighted:
Punkins in the dark:
Now they are ready for a BIG night of trick or treating and we are ready for some candy!! LOL

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