Friday, January 18, 2013

Valerie's sewing career~~Launched

Last Christmas,Valerie got a sewing machine and said she was going to sew, which gave us all a chuckle seeing how she is so busy all the time!! Well....she announced that this year is the "Launching of her sewing career!! We all said, yah right!! LOL But she did get it off just like she said. She has her sewing spot all set up, organized and I was really impressed!! This was her first project. Curtains to cover the closet and they look great.
 Valerie found this cute little Bubble-skirt on Pinterest.
So I met her at the fabric store and she bought fabric for the bubble-skirts and several other projects and some pajama pants for Zac. I went over and gave her sewing 101 lesson.

AND.....whoalla......A Bubble-skirt!!! Its a little long so she is going to make another shorter one, but Bailey likes it!!
Valerie also made some Spiderman pajama pants for Zac: He is showing off that Spiderman is on his bottom!! Ha! So....he is enjoying them for Pajama day today!!
It is Fun watching our kids trying new things. :-)

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