Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jessica and Tyler come to visit

Last week, Jess and Tyler were able to come and visit us. They flew up for a wedding reception and a babyshower for Valerie. It was good to see them again and it gave Don and I a good chance to spoil Tyler for a few days.
Tyler just LOVED jumping on the trampoline that Valerie and Jason have. He was having the time of his life just jumping and jumping. He had us all laughing with him!!

Tyler and Kaleb got to know each other better. They had fun playing together and they got along good.
Jess and I were able to paint the nursery for Valerie and so we made a trip to Home Depot for the paint. The boys got to drive the carts and each had their own steering wheel. They did pretty good, so...if....NASCAR ever has a doubles team, they better watch out because the Shobe-LaRue team looks pretty darn good!!!
On Sunday afternoon, we went to a baby shower for Valerie.
Then on Sunday evening, we all celebrated Tom's birthday with our family and all the grand-kids. Kaleb, Sydney, Kyla, Skylar, Tyler, Allissa and Katie~~We had fun with Jess and Tyler here and as usual, the time went way to fast and they had to go home. :-( But...the good news is...that they will be back in June to see the new baby Lightheart.


  1. Tyler and I had a great visit. It was great seeing everyone. Thanks for everything.

  2. Welcome to blogland!!! I bookmarked your page, so I will check back often! Check out mine if you get a chance, I just wrote a pretty funny one about Paul getting sick!