Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Lightheart

Last weekend, Valerie called to see if we wanted to come and see the baby's ultrasound and of course, I wasn't going to turn that down. So Kim, Kyla, Kaleb and myself met Jason, Valerie and Allissa at the office. The nurse is like OH my gosh!!! when she saw this long line of people coming down the hall. But in any case, we got the see the cutest little face and hands of this new baby. It is so amazing what you can see with the ultrasounds. Here are a couple pictures of measuring the baby. As of that day, He/She weighs about 5 lb 7 oz. This baby is probably looking at us and thinking, umm.....who are all these people staring at me and do I really.....want to go see them LOLThis one is the heartbeat and there's a strong heartbeat. Cant wait to hold our newest addition to the family :-) One month to go!!!! And Mom is doing good too.

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