Friday, July 3, 2009

The Harpist

My Mother-in-law plays the piano and the organ. She has been a church organist for many years. Recently she bought a harp and has begun harp lessons. When Don and I go over and see her, we ask her to play for us. Kyla and Kaleb like to hear her play. Last time she played 2 songs for us and they were VERY good. Kyla was saying Encore, Encore!!
I think Kyla could listen to her play all the time. She commented to her Aunt Valerie that Grandma only played 2 songs, LOL The harp is a very pretty sound and we really enjoy her playing it for us and keep up the good work. I cant wait for Christmas so she can play Christmas songs for us to sing, it will be fun and we will all love it!!


  1. I didn't know Grandma was taking harp lessons. She'll have to play for me and Tyler next weekend.

  2. Way cool! She looks great- doesn't seem to have aged a bit!

  3. add in sydneys clarinet and skylars trombone they can start one nifty band