Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lets play ball !!!

Tuesday evening, our whole family, except for Grandpa went to see Allissa play ball. She played 2nd base and made some good catches and got a person out at 1st base. She hit the ball and got to 1st base, and scored a run.
We were all loudly yelling and cheering her on, which probably embarassed her but Oh well,!! we were having fun.
On the sidelines was Uncle Tom
Tyler was taking pictures for his mom,
Kaleb is wearing 2 sets of sunglasses at the same time, really protected from the suns rays I guess.
Aunt Jess was in town from Texas and Tyler is giving her a kiss.
Tyler is showing us how he can put is big toe in his mouth,
And baby Zac slept through the whole game, and he is so cute when he sleeps!!
After the game, I told Allissa what a Fabulous good game that she had!!!
We had fun just "making memories" at the ole ball park :-)

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