Monday, August 23, 2010

Our May trip to Texas

It has been a long time since I have updated our blog. I got sick around Mothers Day and I didn't feel good at all. Don and I flew to Texas on Monday May 17 th to watch Tyler while Scott and Jess went on a 10 yr anniversary trip. On Thursday, I really felt bad and Don ended up taking me to the ER in San Antonio and I was admitted. I had gallstones in my pancreas and pancreastitus and needed my gallbladder taken out. I didn't realize how sick I really was. I was in ICU for a few days and they did a surgery and removed the gallstones and inserted a stint in the pancreas and a few days later removed the gallbladder. I was on alot of morphine so I was pretty out of it LOL
We missed our flights back home and Don stayed a few extra days with Scott and Jess which allowed him time with Tyler. He flew home after my Gallbladder surgery. I had to stay another week at Jessica's house before I could fly home. That was cool but I did end up sleeping alot. Jess took excellent care of me and fixed great meals!! I flew home June 2 nd and after I got home, I began feeling bad again. I went to the DR and he sent me to ER and I was admitted to Swedes. I think the stint had become infected and they took that out and I felt better. I went home from Swedes and began to feel bad again. I went to my Dr again and I had developed a bad stomach infection due to taking a cat scan. That infection has really affected me so it has been a long 3 months. I don't want to ever go through that again. But I am feeling much better now and eating normally, so looks like I will live afterall.
Before I went to the ER we were able to do alot of stuff with Tyler. We bought him a scooter and he picked it up right away and was riding it around the house.
When he got better, he took a few spins outside!!
We went down to the Riverwalk and rode the boats. They are pretty cool going through the canals and Tyler enjoyed the ride.
Seeing how Chick Filet is Tyler's favorite place to eat, we went there for lunch and breakfast.
I read him books......
and Grandpa played Hi Ho Cherry O with him..and Tyler always beat Grandpa...
I had some crafts for him to make. He painted a cup for Mom and Dad to share...
and he painted some window hangs for the window.....
It was pretty Hot so we took him to the pool a couple times. Grandpa played in the water with him while I sat under the shade taking pictures!!
Don and I were both sitting by the side with our feet in the water and Tyler started splashing us, so we ganged up on him and splashed him right back, LOL
Tyler helped me make a cake for Mom and Dad, a Mississippi Mud cake. He is pretty good at breaking the egg shells. He will be quite a cook someday.
A good thing happened while I was there. He potty trained himself and was doing really good, so I bought him another game. He loves to play games.

Tyler was going to have a birthday June 22 nd so while I was there, I was able to help Jess plan out the party. It was going to be a Carnival party and it would be alot of fun. So even though the trip took a different turn, it all worked out for the best and we still had fun with Tyler. I am going to update all that happened over the summer, so check back for action in the Chambers family.

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