Thursday, November 18, 2010

A peacock

This yr. Kyla is in Kindergarten. When my kids were in Kindergarten there was alot of game time, story time, snack time and even nap time etc. Well not now days. They do and learn alot and have homework every night, reading to do everyday and it is alot of work for Kim sometimes. Kyla had a project of disguising this Turkey so he wouldn't be caught for Thanksgiving and be creative!! I don't know how my camera took this sideways so you just have to look at a sideways turkey LOL
We toyed with the idea of a sheep, a ballet dancer, a monster and then we came up with a Peacock. I had some real feathers that I got from an Aunt that raises Peacocks and so we cut them down and she made a Peacock. We thought that he looked pretty darn cute.
But Kim and I were sitting there laughing~~wondering how many kids would come in with a peacock with "real" feathers!! LOL Turns out another kid made a Peacock too but not with real feathers LOL
Her teacher said that she really liked it!! I have a good feeling that this Turkey won't be for dinner next Thursday!! ;-)

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