Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat!! That was what Zac learned this year to get some...c-a-n-d-y!! Oh and...Valerie taught him to say Thank-you!! By day he was Charlie Brown and a cute one at that!!
Come time to get ready, he turned into a adorable puppy! He even wolfed for us!!
Give him a microphone and he is a singin fool!! LOL Kaleb was a pit crew worker this year and had a nifty speaker phone attached to his cap. He was the Top guy with that!!Kyla was a Beautiful Butterfly. I made the wings and she painted them all pretty colors. You will notice that they have alot of pink/purple/blue cuz those are her favorite colors.
Here is right before they were gonna go~~and they brought home a whole punkin full of candy!!! only for them though~~wink, wink~~

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