Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sleighs, Playdough and Snow!!

I had gotten some gingerbread sleighs that the kids could put together. It was the kind with the frosting and you add all the candies and well.....they weren't as interested as I thought they would be but they turned out cute. There was even a Santa in each sleigh.They did like playing with the play dough. Kaleb had gotten some new ones, so they were all nice and squishy, they all had fun with that. Don took Tyler out for a walk. Tyler got all bundled up which for any kid is a job. They went out the back door, down the street along the side of our house and Tyler was ready to come in, guess he had enough walking in the snow. Don couldn't convince him to keep walking, so the walk was from the back door, around and to the front door, LOL But Tyler liked it anyway.Later on, we took all the kids outside to play in the snow. Zac wasn't too sure at first. I don't think he really cared one way or the other, it didn't really mattered to him one bit, LOL

Grandpa carried him while Jess pulled the boys in the sled.

Tyler learned how to throw snowballs real quick and he threw them at me and Kaleb. Then pretty soon, Kaleb was throwing snowballs too, LOL

They had fun playing in the snow, and they all took really good naps that day, LOL

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