Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kaleb the fireman!!

When Kaleb is into something, he has this habit of wearing it all the time. Like his Awana vest, he wore for a week and he had to sleep in it too. He gets into his Monster truck shirts or his guitar shirts and his Bears Jersey's and he has to wear them every day and Kim washes them at night. This week he has been into his fireman stuff. He wore the fireman jacket, hat and boots all day long and riding his fireman scooter. I was taking the kids to Walmart and so off we went in the complete fireman attire!! People thought that it was really cute and he was just walking down the isles just as happy as could be LOLHe had some of his money, so what did he buy?? What else but a Firetruck!! LOL push a few buttons and it makes siren noises and different firetruck noises!! He was happy with his new purchase!!While he was looking cute at the store, he also had his fireman rain boots on the wrong feet, and he said that he liked it that way, LOLThey sure are little characters!!

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