Monday, March 21, 2011

Kims Birthday

Sunday night we all went over to Valerie's for Kim b-day dinner. Jason cooked chicken on the grill and we had lots of other good food. Since Kim is 34 now, (YIKES!! that is making me getting old!!) we were teasing her about not being able to blow out all those candles and needing the fire dept. Zac was saying HOT!! LOLShe did manage to get them out in one blow still, LOLIt was raining on and off and Tom had brought Addy over to meet Jake. The dogs were playing and drinking in the puddles, so Zac found himself this tiny puddle. If you look real close you can see it. He started drinking it just like the dogs, it was pretty funny!! Once we were inside, Valerie showed me Zac's skateboard: She said he can even ride it in the kitchen. I thought she was joking me but no joke, LOL Here he goes:
So....Baby Zac ended up entertaining everybody that night. LOL

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