Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Fun Fair

Kim had to work today, so I took the kids to the Fun Fair. It was something totally different than what I or my kids ever had for Fun Fairs. We always had the fun booths, like bean bag toss, ducky pond, fishing pond dunk tanks where you would love to dunk your favorite teacher or the principal LOL You would come home with a bag of junk toys, candy, bags of popcorn and maybe cotton candy. Love those ole Fun fairs. they have been replaced with a DJ and 2 slides and 1 jumping tent. There was face painting but for the whole school, 2 face painters, so the line was like over an hour long and they had the cake walk, but again over an hour long. Adults were doing the cake walk too and they were turning away kids cuz of all of the adults. I am sorry but adults need to keep out of the cake walk, LOL it makes me crazy!! Short trip I know LOL

We did enjoy some pizza and Kyla got to hang out with some of her friends and so she had fun and of course Kaleb just was content going wherever LOL This is Kyla's friend at school. A couple weeks ago, these 2 planned a cool sleepover but Kim and Kate's mom squished that idea LOL just a little young!!
On the way out, Kaleb saw his shadow. He was quite amazed that it did whatever he did and moved where he moved LOL It was funny and he wanted to know how is this?? LOL So here he is waving to his new found friend!!

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  1. Fun fairs are wonderful, but Kaleb finding his shadow is the best fun of all!!