Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pumpkin cutting night

I am so far behind here that it isnt even funny LOL A few days before Halloween Jessica, Tyler and Molly were able to come and visit for a few days. We were all very excited for them to visit. Jazzi kept wanting to kiss her and Addy did good with them once she got over her excitement of 2 more kids. Molly has grown so much even since Sept. She sits up all by herself and he smiles are so cute and I love all that dark hair, it is very pretty. Tyler just hung out with the boys and we didnt see a whole lot of them lol
We had the family pumpkin cutting night, Jason, Valerie and the kids were over for dinner and cut the pumpkins. Kaleb and Tyler arent really into getting their hands all gooey, so they spray painted their pumpkins with chalkboard paint so they could draw on them with chalk. Everybody else dug right in and cleaned out the pumpkins.

Pretty soon a pumpkin fight broke out between Tom and Valerie. Pumpkin junk was flying everywhere and it was funny to watch. Valerie keeps thinking that she could take Tom like she used to but he is much stronger and she usually gives. lolKim roasted the seeds and they were soo good. It turned out to be a fun evening and we have several days of stuff to show you.

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